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Greater Longfellow Garage Sale 2019!
By signing up to participate in the Neighborhood Garage Sale, you are also agreeing to take part as a potential vendor to Greater Robot Grab participants
Weekly Roundup: May 24-May 30

Check out this week's upcoming events in Greater Longfellow and enjoy nature!

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

Midtown Farmers Market 2019 @ Moon Palace Books, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • 8am
Greater Robot Grab! 2019
Greater Longfellow youth are invited to take part in LCC’s first-ever Great Robot Grab (GRG), a public art collaboration, happening during the Annual Greater Longfellow Neighborhood Garage Sale.

Open Citation Grants
Open Citation Grant Program

Grants available: Up to $5,000 for residents with open citations on their property

The Longfellow Community Council (LCC) Open Citation Program is designed to help residential
Focus on Local Business:
Are you the owner or manager of a business in the Cooper, Hiawatha, Howe, or Longfellow neighborhoods? If so, you're invited to take a moment to fill out this form. Longfellow Community Council