Weekly Roundup: April 5-11


Check out this week’s upcoming events in Greater Longfellow and enjoy public art!

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

Greater Longfellow’s Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale will be held FRIDAY & SATURDAY, June 7 & 8. Registration to participate will open Mid-May. 

No Pie Charts! Only Pies! General Membership Meeting & Pie Potluck @ Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 2730 E 31st St • Resource Fair: 5:30-6:30pm • Meeting: 6:15-8:30pm
Please bring a pie to share! • Free Family-Friendly Event!
• Resource Fair of local businesses & organizations
• Board of Directors annual elections & voting on bylaws/funding
• Receive updates from elected officials
• Enjoy delicious pie and socialize with friends & neighbors
• Activity bags for kids
For organizations wanting to take part in our Resource Fair:
Sign-Up will begin April 1 and is open until 5pm on April 18. Space is Limited.
Tables and chairs will be provided. Registration fees for participating organizations is $15/nonprofits OR $25/for-profits. We do have a LIMITED NUMBER of participant spots available, so sign up now! https://forms.gle/zkPUvG2Pr2BB3QDj9

Kids Yoga Camp @ Big River Yoga, 3336 East 25th St. • JUNE 24-27 • 1-4pm • For kids ages: 6-11yrs • COST: $165 • More info and register at: https://bit.ly/2TEFbtY
Learn life-long skills for getting grounded, happy and strong; inside & out! Our Yoga Camp is designed to enhance flexibility, coordination, concentration, self-awareness and a greater sense of calm. We will practice yoga poses and learn breathing techniques, play yoga games, explore nature in the neighborhood and create craft projects in a safe and welcoming environment. This camp is for kids ages 6 to 11 and is taught by certified Yoga Calm Youth Instructor, Sarah Dutton.
Why yoga for kids?
• Improves flexibility, posture and balance
• Nurtures the virtues of patience, kindness and empathy
• Builds muscle strength and endurance
• Lowers stress hormones by calming emotions and releasing anxiety and tension
• Improves concentration, focus, positive thinking and confidence
• Elevates feelings of contentment and happiness

Registration for Chard Your Yard is open! Transition Longfellow Seeking Volunteers and Participants. 
Chard Your Yard is a Transition Longfellow yearly event where 24 vegetable garden raised beds are built, installed, and filled with dirt to neighbors primarily in the 55406 area. We still have room for participants that would like to receive a bed and are also in need of volunteers to make this event happen! There are several ways to get involved so please visit our website at www.transitionlongfellow.org/chard-your-yard for more information and to register.


Join the 2019-2020 LCC Board of Directors!
Residents and businesses of Greater Longfellow are invited to run for a seat on the LCC Board of Directors.  There are 11 open seats including one seat for a local business representative.  Joining the LCC Board is a great opportunity to volunteer in the community, join LCC committees and work with community members to develop projects, programs and activities to improve the community.  No experience is necessary to run for the board.  You must be at least 16 and willing to commit to up to 8 hours per month to participate in board and committee meetings and events.  Board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month.  In order to run for a board seat all you need to do is attend the April 23rd General Membership meeting and have someone nominate your or nominate yourself.  We encourage people from all walks of life to run for a Board seat.  We value a diversity of opinion, background, economic status, culture, homeowners and renters.  For more information you can find the Board member job description here or you can call or email LCC’s Executive Director Melanie Majors at 612-722-4529 ext. 14 or melanie@longfellow.org

Deadline to Appeal Property Tax Assessment’s is April 30
Beginning in March, the City of Minneapolis Assessor’s Office sends out valuation notices to inform property owners of the assessor’s estimated market value of each property.
If you have questions or you would like to appeal your property value, you may contact the City of Minneapolis Assessor’s Office to discuss your concerns or follow the steps on the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization (LBAE) website listed below.
City Assessors Office
City of Lakes Building
309 2nd Avenue South, Room 100
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Call 311 or (612) 673-3000
LBAE Website: http://minneapolismn.gov/assessor/marketvalues/LBAE/index.htm

Grants Available: Up to $5,000 for residents with open citations on their property. The Longfellow Community Council is offering grants up to $5,000 for residents of Longfellow, Cooper, Howe and Hiawatha neighborhoods of Greater Longfellow who have received citations from the City of Minneapolis after a property inspection. The grants are offered to residents who are at or below 80% AMI (area median income). To find out if you qualify, contact the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) at 612-335-5858 or go to the grant page on their website at https://www.mncee.org/services/financing/longfellow/.  After you access this page, click on the words “START APPLICATION PROCESS” to the far right of the page and fill out the requested information to see if you qualify.  This program is funded by the Longfellow Community Council and will be open until grant funds are expended.

The Neighborhood by the Falls is AVAILABLE! Click on the link:  https://squareup.com/market/longfellow-community-council/  and scroll down to the “Merchandise” and click on the image of the book (feel free to donate or buy any other awesome merch while you’re at it!) and choose how many you want. Then pick up at the LCC offices. WE DON’T HAVE SHIPPING CAPABILITIES–Sorry.

Belle’s ToolBox, 3400 42nd Ave South • (612) 799-1482
Spring Has Sprung! Well, not quite, but we are happy to report that our Front Door has!
An ice heave at the entry has finally given way to the brute force of two Marks in the neighborhood :0)
So we are returning to our previous hours of operation:
Tu Wed Th Fri 10am-12
Tu Wed Th 2-4pm
Third Saturday of Month 10am-12
If you haven’t had the thrill of a visit to Belle’s ToolBox, come on in!
If you are an old friend – We Can’t Wait to See You and Yours!!!
Spring is JUST around the corner,,,
and so is the ToolBox

This week’s movies at the Trylon Cinema and Riverview Theater!


Friday, April 5

Green/Blue, SAVAK (NYC) and Lazear  @ Music at Moon Palace, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • $8 •  21+ • 9pm
Spend this Friday at a post-punk party featuring these bands:
Green/Blue  (MPLS) First show. New band by people from the Blind Shake, Birthday Suits, and Awesome Snakes playing tunes that don’t sound like any of those bands. https://greenbluempls.bandcamp.com/releases
SAVAK (NYC) Brooklyn-based post-punk, rock’n’roll band SAVAK, formed in 2015 by members of The Obits, Holy Fuck, The Cops and Nation of Ulysses. https://savak.bandcamp.com/album/beg-your-pardon
Lazear (MPLS) Dreamy music by people from whom you expect this very excellent kind of goodness and light. They are Howard Hamilton, Mark Sorvari, Emily Lazear, and Tom Mooney. http://www.lazear.bandcamp.com

Blade Runner (1982) – The Final Cut @ Trylon Cinema, 2820 E 33rd St • 7pm
In 2019 L.A., detective Rick Deckard (Ford) tracks down genetically engineered replicant renegades who are indistinguishable from humans. This is the definitive version of Scott’s 1982 classic. This engagement is made possible by a donation in memory of Steven J. Huisken.

Free Throw Friday @ Dock 6 Pottery, 4206 E 34th St • 2pm
Join us the first Friday of every month, 2-6pm, for a free pottery making experience. If you like what you make you can pay us to finish and fire any piece with a color of your choice for $10. We will have it ready for pickup in about 3 weeks.

Saskia Vogel reading and conversation with Joanna Demkiewicz @ Moon Palace Books3032 Minnehaha Ave • 7pm
Saskia’s debut novel Permission, a gentle meditation on grief, ocean waves, and erotic power play in the quest to feel again.
Echo is a failing actress who prefers to lose herself in the lives of others rather than examine hers too closely. When her father disappears in a seaside misstep, she and her mother are left grief-stricken, and at a loss for how to piece back together their family that, it turns out, had never actually been whole.
“Permission excavates the uncertain landscape that lies just beneath the Hollywood dream factory we think we all know and against all odds finds something sacred there. Part Day of the Locust, part Story of O, Vogel’s unflinching, tender debut is destined to enter the growing canon of great Los Angeles novels.”—Ryan Ruby, author of The Zero and the One
About the author:
Saskia Vogel grew up in Los Angeles and currently lives in Berlin, where she works as a writer and Swedish-to-English literary translator. She has written on the themes of gender, power, and sexuality for publications such as Granta, The White Review, The Offing, and The Quietus. Her translations include work by leading female authors, such as Katrine Marcal, Karolina Ramqvist and the modernist eroticist Rut Hillarp. Previously, she worked in London as Granta magazine’s global publicist and in Los Angeles as an editor at the AVN Media Network, where she reported on the business of pornography and adult pleasure products. https://www.moonpalacebooks.com//?q=h.calevent&eid=5597

Saturday, April 6

MI’s Greet Death w Proper / Heart To Gold / Niiice @ Music at Moon Palace, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • Doors 9pm • Music 9:30pm-12:30am • All Ages • $8
Greet Death  (MI) – https://greetdeath.bandcamp.com/ 
Heart to Gold (MN)- https://hearttogold.bandcamp.com/
Niiice (MN)- https://niiice.bandcamp.com
Proper (MN)- https://propermn.bandcamp.com/releases

Boneshaker Science Book Club: “What the Robin Knows” @ Boneshaker Books, 2002 23rd Ave S • 11am
The April  Science Book Club selection is “What the Robin Knows” by Jon Young. Paperback editions of the books will be available soon at Boneshaker at 20% off list price. The book is also readily available from the Hennepin County Public Library, as well as on audiobook.
From the publisher: “A lifelong birder, tracker, and naturalist, Jon Young is guided by three basic premises: the robin, junco, and other songbirds know everything important about their environment, be it backyard or forest; by tuning in to their vocalizations and behavior, we can acquire much of this wisdom for our own pleasure and benefit; and the birds’ companion calls and warning alarms are just as important as their songs. Deep bird language is an ancient discipline, perfected by Native peoples the world over, and science is finally catching up. This groundbreaking book unites the indigenous knowledge, the latest research, and the author’s own experience of four decades in the field to lead us toward a deeper connection to the animals and, in the end, a deeper connection to ourselves.”

The Boneshaker Science Book Club is free and open to the public. We meet the first Saturday of the month from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., unless we don’t, so please check the calendar in case a fast one has been pulled. The books we read will be science-related, but hopefully accessible to those without an academic background in science. We seek to select titles that are in line with Boneshaker’s mission of social justice. Here’s a summary of the last couple of months’ discussions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsszoUZMlHIev8J2FS0UjsklGWxhPg7f4-yppjGeYfc/edit?usp=sharing

My Story, My Truth – Screening @ Community Healing Hub at Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church, 4101 37th Ave S • 1pm
Everyone has a story to tell, and when you create opportunities for those stories to be told and listened to, something amazing starts to happen. In early January of 2018, men and women of color sat down at CTV Studios in Roseville to speak about a time when they have been personally discriminated against and how that has shaped their lives. Moderated by Nyia Harris, these narratives have been turned into a documentary film. Join us for this powerful film which is presented by Do Good Roseville and the Community Healing Hub at Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church.

Attendees will watch the documentary and then have respectful conversations led by meaningful questions to debrief from the experience. The documentary contains strong language and descriptions of violent events.

Sunday, April 7

Winery tour and tasting @ Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, 3016 E Lake St • 12:15pm
Take a tour of the basement winery and production facility at Urban Forage with co-owner and winemaker, Jeff. Taste a sampling of our offerings on tap, as well as samples of ciders and wines in production. Stay afterward in the taproom for an informal question and answer session. Must be 21+ 

1984 on 35mm! @ Trylon Cinema, 2820 E 33rd St • 8pm
In a totalitarian future London, Winston Smith (Hurt) defies the sinister Thought Police and the ubiquitous Big Brother by keeping a diary and falling in love.

Eat for Equity and Racial Justice on the Land with Land Stewardship Project @ Du Nord Craft Spirits, 2610 E 32nd St • 5pm
This month, we’re supporting Land Stewardship Project and its racial equity work. Eat for Equity and Land Stewardship Project are teaming up to raise funds and awareness for LSP’s racial equity work in our food and farming system. LSP believes that every person—of any race, rural or urban, old and young—has value that can’t be earned or taken away. We believe healthy rural communities and sustainable agriculture are not possible without addressing racism and racial disparities in our communities and valuing the wisdom and contributions of people from all backgrounds. We’ll talk about how LSP is working with members and allies across the movement to advance racial justice on the land and how you can support this work. Members from LSP’s racial justice organizing cohorts will join us to talk about how LSP is working to organize white rural Midwesterners to lead with their values and educate their community members about the legacy and impacts of structural racism.

You’ll feast on a delicious meal provided by the Eat for Equity team and sourced from LSP members.

Food will be available for a donation, and we invite you to give any amount that is generous to you. There will be halal, vegan, and gluten-free menu options so that all can share.

A Magical Story Time @ Boneshaker Books, 2002 23rd Ave S • 11am
It is our mission with this story time to promote children’s books that shine a spotlight on a wide array of racial and cultural identities, genders, orientations, experiences and abilities. We want to create a space that places a special emphasis on promoting self love, empathy and a greater understanding of the strange, magical world we inhabit. There is serious deficit in children’s books that depict protagonists who are a people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ or any combination of the above. That is why Madeline and Sam’s Magical Story Time seeks out books that do just that. Positive representation in books is crucial to a child’s development of a positive self image. It can be absolutely life affirming for a child to see a protagonist who reflects them accomplishing anything they set their mind to. It is also crucial in developing empathy for a child to experience diversity at a young age.
This story time will not only be educational, but spectacularly fun! Before each reading we will have one minute wiggle parties and coloring pages that correlate with that weeks books.

Monday, April 8

Joust/Nadu(LA)/Sass @ Music at Moon Palace, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • $5-$10 • 21+ • Doors 9pm • Music 9:30pm
Joust @ 9:30 https://joustmpls.bandcamp.com
Nadu (Los Angeles) @ 10:15 https://naduband.bandcamp.com/
Sass @ 11:00 https://sassmpls.bandcamp.com

An Evening of Poetry with Zeina Hashem Beck @ Moon Palace Books, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • 7pm
Mizna teams up with Poetry Asylum & Moon Palace Books to present a reading from Dubai-based poet Zeina Hashem Beck (Louder Than Hearts, Bauhan Publishing). Zeina will be accompanied by an exciting lineup of local artists including acclaimed poet and playwright Ifrah Mansour, award-winning playwright Willie Nour, poet, rapper, and comedian Nader Helmy, and film curator and poet Valerie Deus.
ABOUT ZEINA HASHEM BECK: Zeina Hashem Beck is a Lebanese poet whose second full-length collection, Louder than Hearts, won the 2016 May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize. She’s also the author of two chapbooks, 3arabi Song, winner of the 2016 Rattle Chapbook Prize, and There Was and How Much There Was, a smith|doortop Laureate’s Choice, selected by Carol Ann Duffy. Her first book, To Live in Autumn, won the 2013 Backwaters Prize. Her work won Best of the Net, was included in Bettering American Poetry, was nominated for the Pushcart, and has appeared in Mizna, Ploughshares, Poetry, the Academy of American Poets, and World Literature Today, among others. Her poem, “Maqam,” won Poetry Magazine’s 2017 Frederick Bock Prize. She lives in Dubai, where she has founded the poetry collective PUNCH. zeinahashembeck.com

ABOUT THE READERS: Ifrah Mansour is a Somali, refugee, muslim, multimedia artist and an educator based in Minnesota. Her artwork explores trauma through the eyes of children to uncover the resiliencies of blacks, muslims, and refugees. She interweaves poetry, puppetry, films, and installations. She’s been featured in BBC, Vice, Okayafrica, Star Tribune, and City Pages. Her critically-acclaimed play, How to Have Fun in a Civil War premiered at Guthrie Theatre and toured to greater cities in Minnesota. Her first national museum exhibition “Can I touch it” premiered at Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Her visual poem, “I Am a Refugee” is part of PBS’s Short Film Festival. “My Aqal, banned and blessed” premiered at Queens Museum in New York. Learn more.

Willie Nour is a Palestinian American writer and community activist. His work appeared in Mizna, and he has performed his poetry at community functions and local public schools. William Nour is an actor and a student of traditional Arabic drumming. He’s 2018 recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board grant for his play Turbulence which was part of the New Arab American Theater Works reading series, and he has participated in workshops at the Loft with David Mura and Elmaz Abinader at VONA.

Nader Helmy is a writer, developer, entrepreneur, and musician born in Cairo, currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys writing poems, songs, screenplays, sketches, jokes, and essays. His primary profession is building innovative technologies in software architecture and design, where he is currently developing a transformative new framework for human-first digital identity and data freedom on the internet. A regular slam poet for several years, his team placed second in the nation at CUPSI 2016. His poetry has been featured in Button Poetry as well as numerous live art exhibitions, projects, and performances and several newsletters and zines.

Valérie Déus is a poet and film curator. Her work has been featured in The Brooklyn Rail, Midway, aforemention productions, the St. Paul Almanac and most recently in The BeZine. Her chapbook, Skull-Filled Sun, is available on Amazon. When she’s not writing, she hosts Project 35, a local low-fi radio show featuring music from all over the diaspora and poetry. She curates Film North’s Cinema Lounge and is the Shorts Programmer for the Provincetown International Film Festival. Photo by Fotos for Barcelona.

Moving Sale – 20% off @ Time Bomb Vintage, 4008 Minnehaha Ave • Noon
Time Bomb Vintage is moving! Don’t worry, we’re only moving 10 blocks away. But we don’t want to move it all! So all of April we are having a sale!


Tuesday, April 9

Game of Thrones: Books & Bars Minneapolis @ Moon Palace Book, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • 7pm • Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book One) by George R.R. Martin • FREE and open to the public
Here is the first volume in George R. R. Martin’s magnificent cycle of novels that includes A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords. As a whole, this series comprises a genuine masterpiece of modern fantasy, bringing together the best the genre has to offer. Magic, mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure fill these pages and transport us to a world unlike any we have ever experienced. Already hailed as a classic, George R. R. Martin’s stunning series is destined to stand as one of the great achievements of imaginative fiction.

Moderator Jeff Kamin brings his unique take on a public book club show to Minneapolis every 2nd Tuesday of the month (with some exceptions). Even if you don’t like the featured book, he “guarantees a good time at our entertaining discussions.” All are welcome to try this moderated reinvention of the book club. No registration required.

A Peace of My Mind: 10 year anniversary: Squirrel Haus Arts, 3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis. Tuesday April 9th. It’s a peace party! We’ll share stories and video of where we’ve been and some of the things that we’ve learned along the way after two books, thousands of photographs, and exhibits in every corner of America.

We will have our American Stories exhibit installed plus live music from Neal Hagberg. Your ideas and contribution to what peace means to you are welcome. Light snacks. BYOB. Family friendly. For additional information visit www.apomm.net .Doors at 6:00pm. Event begins at 7:00pm.

Nourish 101: Fresh Spring Rolls @ Seward Community Co-op, 2823 E Franklin Ave • 6:30pm
Make fresh spring rolls—vegetarian and with shrimp—with dipping sauce. Nourish 101 classes feature cooking tips and recipes that feed a family of four for $15 or less. #NourishClasses

Wednesday, April 10

Longfellow Garden Club presents: Growing Tomatoes, Peppers, and Potatoes @ Epworth United Methodist Church, 3207 37th Ave S • 7pm
Tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes are all related! Despite their differences, they still share some growing requirements and pests. In this presentation, you will learn some of the most delicious, interesting, and easy-to-grow varieties for Minnesota, gain tips on growing them successfully, and learn how to overcome common problems. You will leave feeling well-equipped to grow lots of delicious vegetables this year.

Annie Klodd is a UMN Regional Extension Educator for fruit and vegetable production.

April is the Garden Club’s Silent Auction, our major fundraiser of the year! On this night, members and attendees bring in garden-related objects for the auction and everyone bids in typical silent auction fashion. The auction funds are used to replenish the speaker budget. Everyone who enjoys the garden club, member or not, is encouraged to donate an item or two. All are welcome to join in the bidding fun to make the auction a success!  Drop off auction items by 6:50 pm.

Minnesota Water Action Day • Join us for Water Action Day 2019, a day of public action and advocacy to let lawmakers know we care about our water. Help #ProtectOurWater!
This all-day event includes:
• free breakfast and lunch
• buses from Greater Minnesota
• briefings on Minnesota’s water issues
• small-group meetings with your legislator, complete with quick training and support (We make it easy. We promise!)
• plus the ever-popular Clean Water Rally in the afternoon (Past speakers include Winona LaDuke, Gov. Mark Dayton and Anne Bancroft. We look forward to announcing this year’s lineup soon!)
Find out more and register at wateractionday2019.eventbrite.com

Thursday, April 11

From Our Communities to the Capitol: Winning Paid Time to Care @ Moon Palace Books, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • 5:30pm
Two Bettys and Moon Palace Books invite YOU!
From Our Communities to the Capitol: Winning Paid Time to Care & Health Care.
* Share stories about how paid time to care and health care affect us personally—as business owners, workers, and community members
* Learn more about what’s at stake this 2019 legislative session and how you can get involved
* Get critical updates from inside the Capitol on what we need to win the care our communities deserve
Speakers from TakeAction Minnesota and Main Street Alliance MN, hosted by Moon Palace Books and Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service

Gurf Morlix @ The Hook & Ladder Theater, 3010 Minnehaha Ave • Doors 7pm • Show 7:30pm • 21+ • “Impossible Blue” Album Release Concert
Gurf is a member of the Austin Music Awards Hall of Fame and was named Instrumentalist of the Year by the Americana Music Association. Known for his work producing and playing with Lucinda Williams, Gurf has worked with a “Who’s Who” of artists including Robert Earl Keen, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Hot Club of Cowtown, Mary Gauthier, Buddy Miller, Mojo Nixon, and Ian McLagan.

This is your chance to see this legendary artist up-close and personal in our great new listening room. Join us as we help Gurf celebrate the release of his new, highly-acclaimed CD Impossible Blue.

Transportation Action Plan Workshop @ Longfellow Recreation Center, 3435 36th Ave S • 5pm
Help shape the City’s plan for the future of transportation!
The City is developing the Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan, which is a 10-year action plan to guide future planning, design and implementation of transportation projects for all people in all the ways they move around. The Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan will identify specific strategies and actions to implement the transportation vision outlined in Minneapolis 2040.
We want to hear from you! The City is hosting five community workshops and one online open house to collect public input on transportation-related opportunities, issues and priorities. Please attend our interactive community workshops.
Can’t attend a workshop? You can learn more and provide input on our interactive website: go.minneapolismn.gov