Greater Robot Grab! 2019

Greater Longfellow youth are invited to take part in LCC’s first-ever Great Robot Grab (GRG), a public art collaboration, happening during the Annual Greater Longfellow Neighborhood Garage Sale.

What is it?

We’re building a robot and you’re invited to help! Parts found at local garage sales will be used to build a robot community sculpture! (Examples can be found here.)


Who Can Participate?

Youth ages 4-14, living in Cooper, Hiawatha, Howe, or Longfellow neighborhoods are invited to participate. Participation is free, limited vouchers available.


How do I sign up (or sign up my child)?

Registration to participate will began at 9:30am on Tuesday, May 7 via Google form,  found here. Or you may stop in to the Longfellow Community Council Office at 2727 26th Ave S. to sign up.


How will this work?

Registered participants pick up a $5 GRG voucher* between 9am-Noon on Saturday from Matt Swenson at the Minnesota Art Truck, parked at Fireroast Cafe & Wine Bar, 3800 37th Ave S. (Please note, while the neighborhood garage sale is a two-day event, the Greater Robot Grab ONLY takes place on Saturday, June 8). Matt will briefly explain what types of items will and won’t work for robot parts, as well as show a few examples. Then, as the participants’ families stop at Garage Sales, they’re on the lookout for a fun “robot part” to purchase with their voucher from a registered garage sale site.**

After you purchase a part for our neighborhood robot, bring it back to Matt with the MN Art Truck. All purchased parts (or unused certificates) need to be returned to Matt by 3:30pm on Saturday, June 8. Parts not returned to Matt by this time on the day of the event WILL NOT be included in the final sculpture.

All found parts (that meet the aforementioned requirements given when the voucher is picked up) will be used by the artist to create a one-of-a-kind sculpture, made especially for our neighborhood!


What if a garage sale doesn’t want to take my voucher?

**All garage sale sites listed on the LCC neighborhood map have agreed to take part in this project as part of registering for the event and shouldn’t refuse your voucher. If they still refuse to accept your voucher, we’re sorry. Some people just aren’t very fun, you will likely have to go to another map site location with cooler people.

Unlisted garage sales aren’t taking part in this project, so they will have no idea what you are talking about.


Any other rules?

* Yep. Here are more details about the vouchers. It’s boring, but important:

  • Vouchers are NOT redeemable for cash at any garage sale site, they are only good for purchasing “robot parts”
  •  A voucher can only be used at a single garage sale location, no returns and no change will be given (We want to make this process as easy as possible for residents hosting garage sales.)
  • More than one “robot part” may be purchased with a voucher if combined total is $5 or less
  • Vouchers cannot be combined to purchase larger items
  • Limit of two (2) vouchers per family/household
  • Unused vouchers must be returned to Matt by 3:30pm, on Saturday, June 8


When do we see the completed project?

The finished artwork will be revealed at our BEST MEETING EVER General Membership Meeting in October!


Where will it be on Display?

The sculpture will be on public display at Moon Palace Books, from October 2019-May 2020. After that we will secure and announce it’s permanent home.


Who’s Matt Swenson and what’s the MN Art Truck?

Matt Swenson, the founder of the Minnesota Art Truck®, has two goals: 1) Make it easy to support local artists and makers by bringing art and unique gifts to you; 2) Help artists extend their reach beyond the standard channels (Art Fairs, Brick-And-Mortar, Etsy).

When Matt’s not rolling to events in the Minnesota Art Truck®, he’s busy creating upcycled robot sculptures and assembled art murals (, as well as cabin and cave signs (Stuga Märke), or searching for more artist crew members. Visit to learn more or email


What awesome organizations helped make this neato project possible?

Moon Palace Books helping to financially support this event.

Longfellow Community Council  and their dedicated volunteers for coordinating and facilitating this event.

Minnesota Art Truck for engaging with Greater Longfellow to build an original piece of public art with help from our community.

Fireroast Coffee & Wine Bar for hosting the MN Art Truck during this event.

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  1. […] Greater Robot Grab 2019 w/ MN Art Truck @ Fireroast Coffee & Wine Bar, 3800 37th Ave S. • Voucher pick-up 9am-Noon • Return purchased objects or unused voucher to MN Art Truck by 3:30pm We’re building a robot and you’re invited to help! Youth, ages 4-14, find “robot” parts during the Longfellow Neighborhood Garage Sale, then an artist will use to build a public sculpture, just for our community! Event is FREE! Participants receive $5 voucher to purchase the perfect part! Register in advance or the day of the event. Limited vouchers available. Participants pick up a $5 GRG voucher between 9am-Noon on Saturday, June 8 from the MN Art Truck parked at Fireroast Cafe & Wine Bar, 3800 37th Ave S. You’ll learn what types of items will/won’t work for robot parts, see examples, and then you’re on your way! More information & rules: […]

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