Weekly Roundup: June 7-13


Check out this week’s upcoming events in Greater Longfellow and enjoy nature!

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

The Hub’s 15th Annual Used Bike Extravaganza @ The Hub Bike Co-op, 3016 Minnehaha Ave • 10am
When:  Saturday, June 8th (10am-6pm) and Sunday, June 9th (12pm-6pm)
Where:  The Hub Bike Co-op, 3016 Minnehaha Ave South
“How to Buy a Used Bike” seminar:  Friday, June 7th (at 6:00 pm) at the Minnehaha location
Looking to Buy a Bike? For those who are looking, the Extravaganza brings in a wide variety of bikes – from kids’ bikes to cruisers to road bikes and sometimes even a tandem or two! The perfect bike may be waiting for you…Don’t miss out! Bring a helmet for test rides if you have one! Check out our website for more information: https://www.thehubbikecoop.org/articles/used-bike-extravaganza-pg335.htm

Midtown Farmers Market 2019 @ Moon Palace Books, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • 8am
Join Midtown Farmers Market at Moon Palace Books for the 2019 Market Season!
Bringing Fresh Local Flavor to ALL in South Minneapolis, since 2003.
Saturdays 8am-1pm May-October
Tuesdays 3pm-7pm June-October

-fresh, local, and affordable fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods
-brunch (Sat.) and dinner (Tues.) options from hot/ready-to-eat food vendors
-arts and crafts by local artisans
-free live music, fitness classes, and kids activities
-a $10 Market Bucks match for SNAP/EBT customers
-lawn games and places to hang out and connect with friends, family, and neighbors
WHY? The Midtown Farmers Market is an all-local, community-based farmers market, committed to strengthening our local economy, advancing food justice, and uniting neighbors from all backgrounds at the Hi-Lake interchange.

Weed & Water • Wednesdays, May 1 – August 7, 9:30 – 11 am
Kids 0 to 8 and their caring adult are invited to join us at Epworth every Wednesday starting on May 1 -August 7 to tend to the Epworth Garden! Each free session will include a story, craft, games and a snack. Weed & Water Wednesday will happen every Wednesday, rain or shine!

Your open invitation to casual neighborhood Ultimate Frisbee games
Each Thursday | 5:30pm – dusk | Brackett Park | Starting May 2
It’s purposely a low-barrier-of-entry group and style of play. If you kind-of maybe know how to throw a frisbee and are ok with some jogging, this game is for you!
All ages and experience levels – we’ve had kids from age 8 to over 60. Come or go anytime after 5:30pm, and come out as often as works for you. Just show up! Or connect on the e-democracy Longfellow forum to get on the email list for weekly invites and reminders: http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/mpls-longfellow/


Greater Longfellow Neighborhood Garage Sale! THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY
9am–3pm • Site maps will be available starting the afternoon of Thursday, June 6:

Fireroast Coffee & Wine, 3800 37 Ave S
Fix Studio & Café, 3725 Minnehaha Ave
Moon Palace Books, 3032 Minnehaha Ave
Mother Earth Gardens, 3738 42 Ave S
Ricardo Levins Moreles Art Studio, 3260 Minnehaha Ave
Riverview Theater, 3800 42 Ave S
Savory Bake House, 3008 36 Ave S
Soderberg Floral, 3305 E Lake St
Tryon Cinema, 2820 E 33 St
Turquoise Vintage, 3869 Minnehaha Ave
MN Art Truck located Fireroast Coffee & Wine, 3800 37 Ave S for the Greater Robot Grab 2019 w/ MN Art Truck @ Fireroast Coffee & Wine Bar, 3800 37th Ave S. • Voucher pick-up 9am-Noon • Return purchased objects or unused voucher to MN Art Truck by 3:30pm
We’re building a robot and you’re invited to help! Youth, ages 4-14, find “robot” parts during the Longfellow Neighborhood Garage Sale, then an artist will use to build a public sculpture, just for our community! Event is FREE! Participants receive $5 voucher to purchase the perfect part! Register in advance or the day of the event. Limited vouchers available. Participants pick up a $5 GRG voucher between 9am-Noon on Saturday, June 8 from the MN Art Truck parked at Fireroast Cafe & Wine Bar, 3800 37th Ave S. You’ll learn what types of items will/won’t work for robot parts, see examples, and then you’re on your way! More information & rules: longfellow.org/2019/05/06/greater-robot-grab-2019/

Grants Available: Up to $5,000 for residents with open citations on their property. The Longfellow Community Council is offering grants up to $5,000 for residents of Longfellow, Cooper, Howe and Hiawatha neighborhoods of Greater Longfellow who have received citations from the City of Minneapolis after a property inspection. The grants are offered to residents who are at or below 80% AMI (area median income). To find out if you qualify, contact the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) at 612-335-5858 or go to the grant page on their website athttps://www.mncee.org/services/financing/longfellow/.  After you access this page, click on the words “START APPLICATION PROCESS” to the far right of the page and fill out the requested information to see if you qualify.  This program is funded by the Longfellow Community Council and will be open until grant funds are expended.

The Neighborhood by the Falls is AVAILABLE! Click on the link: https://squareup.com/market/longfellow-community-council/  and scroll down to the “Merchandise” and click on the image of the book (feel free to donate or buy any other awesome merch while you’re at it!) and choose how many you want. Then pick up at the LCC offices. WE DON’T HAVE SHIPPING CAPABILITIES–Sorry.

Belle’s ToolBox
Open Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 10am-Noon
Tuesday-Thursday 2-4pm
Every Third Saturday 10am-Noon
Walk, ride your bike, take the Number 9, skip, hop, or jump over to see how the Podners for Peas Learning Garden is growing and what new creations are blooming inside the ToolBox! Can’t wait to see you!

This week’s movies at the Trylon Cinema and Riverview Theater!


Friday, June 7

Greater Longfellow’s Neighborhood Garage Sale 9am-3pm map .pdfs here.

Petty Larcenists/ Lifestyle Shakes/ Partial Traces/ Blood Banks @ Hexagon Bar, 2600 27th Ave S • 9pm
*Petty Larcenists (12:00am) The best times rock and roll band we didn’t know we needed so bad until we heard it ft. Pretty Boy Thorson himself + members of Slow Death and Teenage Strangler. For fans of 70s U.K. rock and roll. https://radgirlfriendrecords.bandcamp.com/album/stolen-chords-and-lifted-riffs
*Lifestyle Shakes (11:15pm) Will Simon. Sara Pette. Justin Nelles. Tyler Walters (maybe). Great songs, great people… and those thing don’t always go together but they DO TODAY friends. For fans of California garage. https://lifestyleshakes.bandcamp.com/releases
*Partial Traces (10:40pm) Mid tempo emotional songs about science with guitars and a keyboard ft. members of The Soviettes, Dear Landlord, and Banner Pilot making music that doesn’t sound anything like those bands. For fans of post punk. https://partialtraces.bandcamp.com/album/shot-robot-elements
*Blood Banks (10:00pm) YET ANOTHER group of extremely talented people (Paulie Glatt, Josh Lemon, Adam Quick, Trenton Raygnor) Their songs tear away pretense, remember friends gone too soon and reflect on broken dreams. At its core, their music celebrates survival.  For fans of punk infused alt country. https://bloodbanks.bandcamp.com/album/dear-tomorrow

Launch of Raki Kopernik’s The Memory House @ Moon Palace Books, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • 7pm
Join us for an event celebrating the release of Raki Kopernik’s The Memory House. “In this slight memoir, trauma and struggle—war, immigration, refugee crises, imprisonment, hunger—claw their way from past decades into today’s tragedies. But housed within that harsh narrative, the tenderness of day-to-day life delicately webs between generations, passed from saba and safta to mother to child. This is the history woven within Jewish families, and looped between endlessly, in a square of chocolate, in tomato and cucumber salad, in fields of sunflowers and orchards full of oranges, in one-room buildings full of beds and uncertain ships crossing the sea. The organic, elusive structure of The Memory House hints at how our family’s stories, both shared and withheld, nurture unnamed hungers and connections within us all.” -Miriam McNamara, author of The Unbinding of Mary Reade
Raki is a Jewish, queer, experimental fiction and poetry writer. She is the author of The Other Body chapbook (Dancing Girl Press) and The Things You Left (forthcoming Unsolicited Press 2020). Her work has been published in New Flash Fiction Review, Blue Lyra Review, El Balazo, Duende, and others. It has also been shortlisted and nominated for several awards, most recently Glimmer Train’s Top 25 Short Story Award for New Writers and the Pushcart Prize for Fiction. The Memory House is her first memoir. You can find her here: http://rakikopernik.wixsite.com/mysite/writing

Another Fine Mess @ Squirrel Haus Arts, 3450 Snelling Ave • 5pm
Another Fine Mess, drawings and installations by Russ White One weekend only! June 7-9 at Squirrel Haus Arts in Minneapolis. • Opening reception: June 7, 5-10pm • Grilled cheese by All Square • Beer by Surly Brewing Company • DJ set by Preston Drum • Bar proceeds benefit We Are All Criminals, who will be doing on-site interviews as part of their ongoing project about privilege, dignity, and criminal justice. The art’s gonna be good, too.
Gallery hours: June 8, 12-5pm
Artist talk: June 9, 1-4pm

Rich Mattson and the Northstars at Minnehaha Falls @ Minnehaha Falls, 4801 S Minnehaha Dr • 7pm
Rich Mattson is a musician/songwriter and producer/engineer living in Sparta, Minnesota. He began performing in 1980 at the age of 13, and took up songwriting shortly after that. Since then he has led and played with several bands, most notably the Glenrustles (1988-1999) and national touring act Ol’ Yeller (2000-2013). In 1991 he opened his own recording studio in Uptown Minneapolis, and over the years has worked with hundreds of artists. Currently he is leading a cosmic folk rock group called “Rich Mattson and the Northstars” and collaborating with his partner Germaine Gemberling. He also continues to record and produce music at his recording studio, Sparta Sound.

Gallery Opening for Angela Divine and Nana Aforo @ Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, 3016 E Lake St • 6-8pm
Come say hello, support local artists, and enjoy some delicious cider made right here in Minnesota!
Angela Divine is a creative wedding and branding photographer for those who want to celebrate what makes their story so unique.  Her photography career started at UW Madison where pursued a degree in art. Originally a painting major, her focus shifted to photography after spending a summer working for commercial photography studio.  She now loves working capturing people in authentic moments.
Artist Statement: Photographs are more than visual; they encase a moment in time.  When I moved away from my friends and family, I found photographs captured not only their faces, but an essence of their lives.  With the technique of photo collage, I am able to show not only personal spaces, but the objects and movements that define them. The process of taking apart pictures and reassembling them allows me to reconnect with memories.  It also forces the viewer to follow the work and point out these details.
Nana Aforo is an interdisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, MN who often hybridizes oil painting, electronic, and acoustic music. For Aforo, art is not unlike life. As a black, bisexual, Catholic, Ghanaian artist and musician, he uses his minority background as a point of contact and empathy. He makes large oil paintings that use the figure and abstracted backgrounds to depict scenes of great suffering or joy. Aforo is currently completing a BFA in studio art from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He has worked on multiple international commissions in Ghana and the United States. Aforo’s works have been exhibited locally in Minneapolis at the Q. arma Building during Art-a-Whirl and the Arts Quarter Festival at the Regis West Gallery.
Artist Statement: In my paintings, I address themes of themes of racism, homophobia, pride, pain, music, religion, solitude, love, and family. This coexistence of themes is the human story. My art is my understanding of my own story informed by being a black, bisexual, Ghanaian, Catholic, musician. Through life experiences made visual, I create highly textured, large-scale impasto oil paintings, layering a diverse range of colors to give a sense of rough beauty. I see rough beauty as an honest descriptor of life. I combine surrealism and realism to give the impression of an emotional scene without being literal, as the literal does not fully encompass the true depth of human emotion. For me, art is freedom on my own terms.

Wag-Together Toasting Prince’s Birthday at The Howe @ The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar, 3675 Minnehaha Ave • 4pm
Pup over to the The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar for some noms with your woofer on Prince’s day of birth! Fifty cents from every item ordered off of The Howe’s famous dog menu and $1 for every Tito’s Handmade Vodka cocktails sold will be donated to Pause 4 Paws. DJ Dudley D’ll be spinnin’ so you and Fido can show off your dog dancing skills. Don’t fur-get to snap a photo of your pupper by the #VodkaForDogPeople mural.
Learn more about this weekend of dog-friendly Prince festivities at https://www.sidewalkdog.com/bark-your-calendars-for-a-weekend-of-wag-togethers-toasting-princes-birthday.

Police Story and Police Story 2 @ Trylon Cinema, 2820 E 33rd St • 7pm
Daring stunts such as crashing cars, falling off balconies, and fighting atop trains and double-decker buses abound in these masterfully crafted slapstick-action extravaganzas. This pair of films transformed Chan from a famous kung fu actor into an international star. Nearly impossible to screen for years, they finally return in brand-new restorations.

Last Import Fast Times Tour at Moon Palace @ Moon Palace Books, 3032 Minnehaha Ave • 9pm
Lawman Presents: Last Import • North By North • Farhampton • Why Not

Dylan & The Dead @ The Hook and Ladder Theater + Mission Room, 3010 Minnehaha Ave • Doors 7:30pm • Music 8pm • 21+ • $9 Early Bird • $12 Advance • $15 Day of Show
Prepare yourself for the glorious takeover of The Hook and Ladder Theater & Mission Room to commemorate the historic Dylan & The Dead Tour of ’87! Join us for a two-stage, multi-set night of Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead featuring: The Jones Gang, Mae Simpson, Dan Israel, James Loney, Mark Joseph, Jon Sullivan, Tangled Up in Dylan, and Dream of the Wild.
The Jones Gang is a collection of misfits and malcontents who, like a hippy transformer, assemble into something much greater than the sum of its parts. An insane collection of rock, funk (Motown and Louisiana), Gospel, Blues, Folk and Country. The band covers a musical history the size of the USA, all this and more in a tight and soulful style. The Gang can move seamlessly from a murder ballad to a New Orleans style rhumba; first breaking your hearth then making you glad you’re alive.
Mae Simpson is pure energy and soul. The singer-songwriter hails from South Carolina, with a voice and stage presence that few can attain. Blistering funk and dance music mixed with soul, blues, country, calypso, jazz, rock, and even a little hip hop — bringing the crowd to their feet every time.
Tangled Up in Dylan is a group of Twin Cities musicians dedicated to honoring the music of our home state hero, the legendary Bob Dylan.
Dream of the Wild have quickly become one of most anticipated acts in all of the midwest. Known equally for their work with DJ Kool Akiem (Micranots, MF DOOM) as well as their extensive presence in Minneapolis’ Jam Band scene, Dream Of The Wild blends long jams with dark, brooding soul, blues, and psychedelia. Whenever Dream Of The Wild plays a show, the circus has come to town.

Saturday, June 8

Greater Longfellow’s Neighborhood Garage Sale 9am-3pm map .pdfs here.

2nd Saturday Songwriter Showcase @ Riverview Cafe, 3753 42nd Ave. S • 7pm
BRAD DUNSE – 7pm: Brad Dunse is an up close and personal songwriter who will steal your heart with candid lyrics laced through warm clear melodies in a mix of genres and styles. Brad isn’t afraid to tackle sensitive topics in his writing while holding on to his family friendly performance. Brad’s acoustic style ranges from delicate fingerstyle to his signature percussive right-hand strum technique, but always authentic and played from the soul.
CARL FRANSEN – 7:50pm: Carl and Mark will perform a set of tribute songs about a speed skater, a busker’s guitar, a newborn child, an all-night waitress, a beloved poet, an old man on a holiday, a couple still on their honeymoon, and a special thank  you to Lonnie Knight.
TJ PLENKE – 8:40pm: TJ may just be one of the most talented musicians in the Twin Cities.  His command of his voice and guitar are so nuanced that his arrangements are sometimes surprising and yet always just right.  His interpretations of Folk, Americana, Blues and Oldies are so fun to hear, you can’t help but smile. He says he learned to vocalize listening to Frank Sinatra!?.  But it’s the Blues that comes through loud and clear.

Medicinal Purposes at Merlin’s Rest Pub, 3601 E Lake St • 8:30pm
We are excited for our maiden voyage to The British Isles this near-Mid-Summer’s eve.

Randy McAllister + Jeff Ray & The Stakes @ The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge, 3010 Minnehaha Ave • Doors 7:30pm • Music 8:00pm • 21+ • $15 Advance • $20 Door
Grammy-nominated, singer, songwriter, harmonica player, drummer and legend of East Texas Blues/Roots. Roustabout, maverick, spiritual, gritty, amazing, wild, bad-ass, soulful..…these are some of the words used to describe this Texas bonafide blueblood.  One of America’s true blues/roots originals, he’s been flying in the face of convention his whole career. No smoke, no mirrors, no choreography, no industry machines. While comparisons are not easy, it has been said that his music is a cross between Doug Sahm, John Hiatt and Delbert McClinton, with a blues man’s background and sensibilities thrown into the mix.

Walk For Wishes Twin Cities 2019 @ Minnehaha Falls, 4801 S Minnehaha Dr • 9am
Walk For Wishes is community-wide celebrations to grant the wishes of local children. Families, friends, corporations, clubs and schools are invited to walk and run together to raise funds for children in Minnesota who are facing critical illnesses. Registration is $20 per person and includes a free Walk For Wishes t-shirt. Start a team, join a team, or register as an individual at mn.wish.org/WalkForWishes.

Ellen Sweetman : Intersections @ Vine Arts Center, 2637 27th Ave S • 11am
The Vine Arts Gallery and livelybrush, LLC are pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by native-born Minnesota artist, Ellen Sweetman (Minnetonka).
The gallery is open on  Saturdays 11:00am – 5:00pm and by appointment.
A nine-month journey into the mind and experience of artist Ellen Sweetman. Honoring and embracing the art process, challenges associated with thinking, and leading with intention, the artist pioneers difficult pathways to a brighter homecoming.  Sweetman dismantles her layered identity, old belief systems, and education, and ideas behind acceptance. Utilizing all the tools in her toolbox, she unlearns and begins anew.  Discovering her own unique process of creation and becoming reborn in art.
A collection of oil paintings, mixed media, and sculptures will be showcased. Honoring process and the media in which her hands wanted to work, Sweetman explores diverse materials as well as subject matter to springboard into a more authentic self.  www.vineartscenter.org

Porter Union with Jake Jones @ The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge, 3010 Minnehaha Ave, Mission Room • Doors 8:30pm • 9pm • 21+ • $10 Advance • $15 Day of Show
Porter Union, led by husband and wife, Cole Michael Porter and Kendra Porter, is the result of the two old souls spending the better part of the last decade traveling the country together to play their music everywhere from dive bars and honky tonks to festivals and theaters. When you hear the story of Cole and Kendra meeting in a hometown bar, falling in love while writing and playing together, it sounds like fairy tale built by corporate music row. Luckily, that’s where the comparison stops – you won’t find overproduced, cliche filled songs here. Their honest approach to songwriting combines raw emotional themes with a traditional country sound to draw the listener into their story. It’s no surprise they’ve shared a stage with a variety of notable artists including many of their own heroes — they were recently selected by Travis Tritt as a contestant on REAL COUNTRY on USA Network.
Jake Jones Drawing inspiration from John Prine, Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson, and Jason Isbell, Jake blends the stylings of Americana, Country, Blues and, Rock and Roll, forging a sonic print that is distinctly unique and yet immediately familiar. From the fear of wasted youth and waning ambition to the hope for something better, Jake’s original music opens doors to mental landscapes of which we relate and find comfort.

Print Matters @ The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge,3010 Minnehaha • 10am
Join us for the 2019 installment of Print Matters, a one-day show of vintage books, comics, records, posters, and more, plus awesome handmade items from the book arts world!
Taking place this year in the friendly Longfellow neighborhood, Print Matters offers both great bargains and rare treasures alike.  Come celebrate the power of pre-digital media and the pleasure of real-live people who care about it.
$2 Admission includes raffle ticket, a FREE book, and more. There will also be food, drink, music, and fun!
Parking for Print Matters is available on the surrounding streets, including Snelling Ave. to the West (a casual walk through the Third Precinct driveway and you’re there).  Located near the intersection of Lake St. and Minnehaha, the Hook & Ladder is also easily accessible by bike and transit. Great dealers offering a variety of items both common and rare: • Used Books of All Kinds • Comics, Golden Age and Up  • Records and Posters • Handmade Book Arts • and more!
More info here: http://www.raintaxi.com/print-matters-2019/

Foraging within the City Limits with Sam Thayer & Maria Wesserle @ Ingebretsen’s Nordic Marketplace, 1601 E Lake St • 12:30
Join us for a very special springtime foraging event with Sam Thayer and Maria Wesserle! The practice of foraging plants for edible and medicinal purposes is often associated with rural and wilderness areas, but did you know that many delicious wild edibles can be found in cities? Join Ingebretsen’s, local forager Maria Wesserle, and celebrated author Sam Thayer as we walk around the neighborhood and explore what wild edibles and medicinals spring has to offer. Plants we will probably encounter include garlic mustard, burdock, cattail, nettle, dandelion, and many others! We will discuss identification, harvesting, and cooking techniques. You’ll head home with a newfound appreciation for the urban environment!
Cost: $55. To register, please call Ingebretsen’s at 612-729-9333 and reserve your place with a credit card. If you have questions, please email classes@ingebretsens.com.
This class will start and end at Ingebretsen’s classroom, 1605 E. Lake Street. The rest of the time we will be walking, so please wear comfortable shoes, bring a water bottle and a notepad and pen.  You’ll be sure to take a lot of notes!
After the event, Sam will sign and sell his books.

Sunday, June 9

Flash Gordon (1980) on 35mm! @ Trylon Cinema, 2820 E 33rd St • 7:45pm Featuring a stellar Queen soundtrack, this space romp—based on the 1930s Saturday-matinee serial—tells the tale of a star New York football player (Jones) who finds himself at the center of an intergalactic melodrama involving a dastardly emperor (von Sydow), his lusty daughter, and her jealous lover.

A Magical Story Time @ Boneshaker Books, 2002 23rd Ave S • 11am
It is our mission with this story time to promote children’s books that shine a spotlight on a wide array of racial and cultural identities, genders, orientations, experiences and abilities. We want to create a space that places a special emphasis on promoting self love, empathy and a greater understanding of the strange, magical world we inhabit. There is serious deficit in children’s books that depict protagonists who are a people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ or any combination of the above. That is why Madeline and Sam’s Magical Story Time seeks out books that do just that. Positive representation in books is crucial to a child’s development of a positive self image. It can be absolutely life affirming for a child to see a protagonist who reflects them accomplishing anything they set their mind to. It is also crucial in developing empathy for a child to experience diversity at a young age.
This story time will not only be educational, but spectacularly fun! Before each reading we will have one minute wiggle parties and coloring pages that correlate with that weeks books. Come out to Boneshaker Books every Sunday between 11 AM and Noon starting June 9th to experience a story time that celebrates every child for the magical person that they are!

Jace Everett @ The Hook and Ladder Mission Room, 3010 Minnehaha Ave • Doors 6pm • Music 7pm • 21+ • $10 Tickets On-Sale Now! https://big-things.eventbrite.com
Take this unique opportunity to join us for a special evening with recording artist Jace Everett. Jace skyrocketed to international fame when his award-winning song Bad Things was used as the theme song for the wildly popular HBO series True Blood.
Now residing in Nashville, Jace has released several highly-acclaimed albums including Red Revelations which was produced by long-time hero, Chuck Prophet. Jace has had a long, strange trip including growing up in an Evangelical fire-brand family and working hard labor construction. His genre crashing style blends the best of contemporary rock, outlaw country, blues, swamp rock, and European flavored pop.

Peace of Pie Celebration @ Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church, 4101 37th Ave S • 1pm
The greater Longfellow neighborhood is invited to come and celebrate community by connecting as community. This collaborative community event will feature free pie, a pie contest, an apron fashion show, live music, and local non-profits that are doing work to keep Longfellow and the residents healthy, resilient and strong. If you want to be involved or to sign up for the pie baking contest, visit http://www.longfellowpop.org

Winery tour and tasting @ Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, 3016 E Lake St. • 12:15pm
Take a tour of the basement winery and production facility at Urban Forage with co-owner and winemaker, Jeff. Taste a sampling of our offerings on tap, as well as samples of ciders and wines in production. Stay afterward in the taproom for an informal question and answer session. Must be 21+

Monday, June 10

Flash Gordon (1980) on 35mm! @ Trylon Cinema, 2820 E 33rd St • 7pm
Featuring a stellar Queen soundtrack, this space romp—based on the 1930s Saturday-matinee serial—tells the tale of a star New York football player (Jones) who finds himself at the center of an intergalactic melodrama involving a dastardly emperor (von Sydow), his lusty daughter, and her jealous lover

Northern Fire Dynamic – Free Public Performance! @  Powderhorn Park • 8pm
Northern Fire Dynamic is a Minneapolis-based, inclusive fire troupe which is guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. Our ambition is to expand the growing fire arts community by creating performance art to share with our neighbors as well as in the Fire Conclave at Burning Man.
To find us in the park, look for the crowd on the hill between the Rec Center and basketball court. Bring yourself, your friends/family, a blanket to sit on and bug spray! This is a FREE SHOW!! However, since Northern Fire Dynamic is all volunteer-based and the cost of fuel and supplies for performances adds up, any and all cash donations are appreciated.


Tuesday, June 11

Stand-Up Comedy Showcase at Venn Brewing @  Venn Brewing Company, 3550 E 46th St • 7pm
Turns out you like to drink Venn beer and laugh on Tuesdays! Join us on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for more Stand-Up Comedy at Venn Brewing.These events are FREE!
Comedy hosted by Todd Skoda, who will bring the funny people each month. We’ll have food truck eats on site to fill your bellies with food too!

Wednesday, June 12

Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury – Minneapolis @ Trylon Cinema, 2820 E 33rd St • 7pm
What happens to a rock and roll band when three-fifths of its members become Eastern Orthodox priests? Find out in Parallel Love — take a journey with the small-town Georgia band Luxury, who, on the cusp of success, suffer a devastating touring wreck with long-term consequences. Screening June 12 *only* in Minneapolis.
In the years following the wreck, Luxury continues to make records and three members of the band become Eastern Orthodox priests. Through interviews and archival footage, Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury tells the gripping and poignant story of Luxury and documents the making of a new record, now as priests. “An eye opener.” – NPR Music
“I couldn’t take my eyes off it. A brilliant tribute.” – Paste Magazine
“Vibrant. Full of surprises.” – Film Threat

Longfellow Garden Club presents: Growing Iris @ Epworth United Methodist Church, 3207 37th Ave S • 7pm
Irises have inspired painters and gardeners for centuries. Whether you are new to growing irises or are an experienced iris gardener, come learn about the many varieties of irises and how to plant and care for these beautiful flowers.
The speaker will be Tim Moore, who has been growing irises for over 20 years and whose home garden has been on two national tours. He is currently on the board of directors of the Tall Bearded Iris Society and the Dwarf Iris Society.

Thursday, June 13

Bungalow Heaven: Preserving a Neighborhood @ Trylon Cinema, 2820 E 33rd St • 7pm
More than 25 years ago, in the heart of Pasadena, California, a declining neighborhood of some 1,100 vintage homes became a highly desirable place to live and an example for others to follow. Event is free to Bungalow Club members and is $5 for non-members. https://www.trylon.org/film/bungalow-heaven-preserving-a-neighborhood/

Rogue Tango @ Hook and Ladder Mission Room, 3010 Minnehaha Ave • 7pm • 21+ • $10 Advance • $15 Day of Show
The Hook and Ladder are proud to welcome Rogue Tango, a twin-city collective of world-class musicians (bandoneon, violin, guitar, bass, piano, cello) performing the classics. Join Rogue Tango and the Twin Cities’ Tango community for a special performance and dance engagement in the new Mission Room on Thursday, June 13th.

Transition Longfellow now introducing Transition on Tap! @ Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub, 27 16 E 38th St • 6-8pm
​Have you been contemplating getting rid of your car or wondering how to reduce your reliance on driving? Join us for the next Transition on Tap meeting where Transition Longfellow member Wilbur Ince will talk with us about how he traded in his car for his bike. Bring your questions and get inspired!

Look for the Transition Longfellow sign. All are welcome to attend, whether you are a regular or it’s your first time!

​See the event on Facebook.