Update on Wash Me Carwash Site – Proposed Starbucks Appeal

On Dec. 5th, The Zoning and Planning Committee of the City Council approved an appeal for a site plan review of the proposed project located at 4159 Hiawatha Ave., which includes two one-story commercial buildings and a Starbucks drive-thru.

The Site Plan review was approved subject to the following conditions:

1. All site improvements shall be completed by September 23, 2021, unless extended by the Zoning Administrator, or the permit may be revoked for non-compliance.

2. CPED staff shall review and approve the final site, elevation, landscaping, and lighting plans before building permits may be issued.

3. All signs shall comply with Chapter 543 of the zoning code. All signage requires a separate permit from CPED.

4. Any decreases in floor area shall not be permitted.

5. The portion of the office building along Hiawatha Avenue shall be no less than 16 feet in depth as shown in the submitted floor plans.

6. No business licenses shall be issued for the proposed coffee shop until the liner building fronting Hiawatha Avenue and E 42nd Street is constructed.

7. The lighting plan shall be revised to demonstrate how all building entrances and walkways will be lit to maintain a minimum acceptable level of security while not creating glare or excessive lighting of the site to comply with sections 530.130 and 530.260 of the zoning code.

8. Three canopy trees and eight ornamental trees shall be planted on-site as shown in the submitted landscaping plan.

9. The signage, curb cut, and driveway access shall be designed to prevent left turns into and out of the site.

10. The applicant shall work with Public Works to modify the street design of E 42nd Street, to prohibit left turns into the site.

11. The applicant shall obtain an approved Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP) prior to the issuance of any building permits or business licenses and shall maintain compliance with the TDMP for the life of the drive-through including but not limited to providing traffic enforcement as deemed necessary.