Volunteer Shoveling Network Now Accepting Requests

Do you or someone you know need help shoveling this winter? We might be able to help!

LCC has volunteers interested in helping seniors and neighbors with disabilities in the Greater Longfellow area who are unable to keep up with snow removal on their own.

LCC will work to connect volunteers with neighbors that request assistance based on proximity, who will then work out an informal arrangement between themselves.

Volunteer availability is limited and connections will be made on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested or have questions, please call or email LCC Program Manager Justin Gaarder at: (612) 722-4529 Ext. 13 or justin@longfellow.org

*Please note that this is an informal volunteer network and LCC takes no responsibility or liability for any accidents, injuries or property damage volunteers or homeowners/renters may experience. LCC is not responsible or liable for volunteers or homeowners/renters who voluntarily and knowingly subject themselves to certain risks while performing or receiving volunteer services. LCC’s role in this process is solely to facilitate the initial connection.