Thank You Volunteers & Donors

From the Longfellow Community Council (LCC) Executive Director Melanie Majors

“Giving your time, expertise and money to support your community should not be thankless work. The staff and board of directors of LCC want you to know it is not. We thank you and are inspired everyday by your generosity.

For three nights, Greater Longfellow at and around Lake and Minnehaha was the target of a massive amount of destruction. Every morning there were people out on the street sweeping, cleaning up garbage and glass, putting up plywood and removing graffiti. No one was paid for this work and yet we never heard one person complain.

The murder of George Floyd has traumatized communities all around the country and awakened people to the terror, pain and hopelessness that people of color suffer on a daily basis. Greater Longfellow was a focal point for this powder keg of emotion and rage. And yet, the response from the community was not to strike back or to threaten or scare peaceful protesters. The community came together to begin to restore the business community and the overall sense of safety and wellbeing.

Block Club leaders have organized patrols on their blocks along with daily and weekly community meetings. Professionals with expertise and resources have come together to plan for rebuilding. People are taking care of their neighbors and donating goods for those who have lost access to food and other basic needs. You have reached out to LCC to offer any assistance we may need. What the country has witnessed (and even the world) is the strength, resilience and power of people who place the needs of others above their own.

We must acknowledge the gifts this community has received from outside of the area. The response has been tremendous, and we are grateful for that support as well.

On a personal note. I am so proud to the be the Executive Director of the Longfellow Community Council. On a daily basis I am reminded of how amazing things can happen when people come together. Thank you for everything you have done to make Greater Longfellow one of the best places in Minnesota to live, work and play. This community will always have a special place in my heart.”

Melanie Majors, Executive Director of LCC