Weekly Roundup: August 28- September 3

This neighborhood is inspiring. Stay strong Greater Longfellow.

Rebuilding Greater Longfellow

Longfellow Strong Yard Signs Available at More Locations!
Our Longfellow Strong yard sign fundraiser is going strong! This fundraiser is for and about our community. We want to clarify that Longfellow Strong signs are a fundraiser for the Longfellow Community Council (LCC) to help rebuild our community in a way that preserves our minority-owned businesses and respects black, indigenous and people of color in Longfellow.  LCC represents all Longfellow residents and is particularly focused on reaching residents who have been historically under-represented including people of color, renters, and people experiencing homelessness. The messaging “Longfellow Strong” was chosen to recognize and display the amazing solidarity across our community following the recent unrest.

Signs are $10 each and available (Additional locations TBD):
• Every Monday from 11am-1pm at the LCC Office | ABC Construction bldg. 2727 26th Ave S. 
• Fireroast Cafe & Wine Bar | 3800 37th Ave S 
• East Lake Liquor Store | 3937th Ave S 
• The Fix Studio | 3725 Minnehaha Ave. 
• Mother Earth Gardens | 3738 42nd Ave S

Save the Date:

Longfellow Community Council (LCC) Board of Directors Elections – Tue, Oct 27
The Longfellow Community Council (LCC) is YOUR neighborhood organization if you live or own a business in the Longfellow, Howe, Cooper or Hiawatha neighborhoods and we’d love your participation in our Board of Directors elections! At this time, we are seeking nominations for open seats on the Board.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and unrest after the murder of George Floyd, the LCC is working with residents and through community partnerships on these issues facing our community:
1) Rebuilding businesses and community resources in the impacted areas
2) Food security
3) Safety and security of residents and businesses

LCC is your citizen participation organization in the place you live, work and/or play. No one should feel intimidated by joining the LCC Board of Directors. LCC is committed to having a Board that is welcoming and that represents the cultural diversity of Greater Longfellow. Any resident or person who owns a business in Great Longfellow can nominate themselves.  LCC needs your input to represent the broader community.

Join Our Board of Directors
The LCC Board of Directors is responsible for fundraising, organizational management and planning.  Members attend monthly meetings and other special meetings as needed.  LCC staff ensure that all board members have the resources and support they need to participate. All members will also receive training soon after the October elections.
If you have an interest in joining the LCC Board, or if you just want more information please contact Melanie Majors, LCC Executive Director via email at info@longfellow.org or by sending a request in the mail to 2727 26th Avenue S., Mpls  MN  55406..  More information will be available in September through the Longfellow Nokomis Messenger and social media.  LCC staff are working remotely but you can leave a message for Carly Swenson at 612-722-4529 ext. 11. 
Submit a Question for the Meeting:
Do you have a question for our elected officials, the Police Inspector our LCC board, or for LCC in general? Submit your question with the form found here: https://longfellow.org/2020/08/17/gmm2020/ During the meeting, questions will be chosen at random, due to time restraints, some questions might not be answered during our GMM Zoom session.

The Neighborhood by the Falls is AVAILABLE! Click on the link:  https://squareup.com/market/longfellow-community-council/  and scroll down to the “Merchandise” and click on the image of the book (feel free to donate or buy any other awesome merch while you’re at it!) and choose how many you want. Then pick up at the LCC offices. WE DON’T HAVE SHIPPING CAPABILITIES–Sorry.

Bumblebee Love:
We have 1 st prize and kid prize winners in our Bumblebee ID contest.  Last remaining Grand Prize, now up to $100, will go to whoever has the MOST confirmed Rusty Patched Bumblebee IDs by frost of this year on www.bumblebeewatch.org.
So the Rusty Patched have been sighted, and do still exist in our neighborhood!  Well, they seem to be in Cooper and the eastern half of Howe at least, where most of the sightings have occurred.  We know of one confirmed nest in someone’s backyard in Cooper. 

August is a good time to find them, that’s when the Rusty Patched numbers are usually at their peak.  While the female workers are still dutifully collecting nectar and pollen for “Queen and Colony”, this is a very special time where the Queen now produces males and mating females (gynes is the name for mated females that will be Queens in the Spring).  These princes and princesses have to get busy now, mate, and the females need to find an overwintering spot.  The males will then be waiting around with the female workers and Queen up until the first killing frost.

Male Bumblebees can be territorial, and basically station themselves around a patch of flowers, or a nest, and wait for the females.  They can also scent mark an area to attract a female.  They might have to fend off other male suitors.  The males are known to act aggressively around people, too, and may even fly at your face in warning.  However, try not to freak out too bad.  Here is the secret they don’t want you to know:  male Bumblebees don’t have a stinger, they can’t hurt you!  It’s all bluster and show business.  If you were able to see it close enough, and count the stripes, you would notice that male Bumblebees usually have a 7 th turga or “stripe” vs the 6 that females have.  They also don’t have a pollen basket on their hind legs.

Wanted to focus on the males at this time, this is their big moment after all.  But this is still a matriarchy, and there is very urgent news on behalf of the gynes and future Queens.  One could easily assume mated females simply waited to find an overwintering spot as the cold set in around frost.  But no, UofM bee expert, Elaine Evans, clarified that they look for an overwintering spot very soon after mating.  Some Bumblebee species even start overwintering in July!

At first glance, this seems like very depressing news.  People might leave some leaves here and there in the fall, but right now where on earth would these mated females find shelter to overwinter?  Some of us are in full herbicide and insecticide application mode on lawn and garden, most leaves have long ago been raked or chewed by earthworms, lawn turfgrass is still too common and will need mowing, and many of us will be dividing and planting things in September and October still.  But Nature knows best, and we simply have to adapt to this reality.

However, no one on earth knows very much about where these mated females overwinter.  It is one of the least studied aspects of the Bumblebee lifecycle, and could hold important clues for the survival of Bumblebees, especially the Rusty Patched Bumblebees.  So professor Evans has asked to give an urgent shout out to any of you that would like to help look for and document Bumblebee overwintering sites.  The picture on this post is of a mated female looking for an overwintering spot.  If you see a Bumblebee near the ground these days or digging, please report it.  The best way to submit an observation is at the link below, but you will need a Google account.

Please add any observations of bumblebee queens hibernating, digging, or searching for overwintering spots. No observation is too small (or too big!). This information will be used to aid in systematic search efforts for overwintering bumble bee queens:  
https://forms.gle/CKL4xvYgdUg7tRG49 Contact: Daniel Schultz dschultz6@comcast.net
Longfellow Habitat Team: www.longfellowwildlife.blogspot.com • www.nwf.org/gardenforwildlife


Upcoming & Ongoing Events

Free Ice Cream for Longfellow on National Night Out!
How can the business community show Longfellow neighbors how grateful we’ve been for their support through both a pandemic and civil unrest? With free ice cream of course!  The Longfellow Business Association is partnering with The Minnehaha Scoop and Big Bell Ice Cream to send ice cream trucks into the neighborhood for National Night Out on Tuesday, September 15th.  

On NNO, Big Bell Ice Cream will have a stationary ice cream truck at Longfellow Park (3435 36th Ave S) so that you and your family can pick up some ice cream and enjoy it socially distanced style.  A second truck will drive down both 29th and 31st Streets making 10 minutes stops to especially thank neighbors for helping to minimize the destruction to Lake Street properties.  We are grateful to share this community with such concerned neighbors.
Sponsoring Businesses Include: Big Bell Ice Cream, The Minnehaha Scoop, Kennedy & Cain PLLC, Mother Earth Gardens, Lake Street Dairy Queen, Post Plus, Lake Street Oil and Gifts, Glass Endeavors, David M Jacobs, P.A., Dawn Bartell American Family Insurance, Industrial Arts Unlimited, West River Dental.

Vote by Mail

Our recommendation for you: stay at home and vote by mail

To minimize direct contact with others, the CDC encourages you to vote by mail. All Minnesota voters are eligible to vote by mail. It’s easy to vote by mail, just as long as you plan ahead a bit.  Due to a recent court action (in late June), some of the requirements for voting by mail have changed. These affect witness requirements and the deadline for returning your ballot. Currently, these changes ONLY apply to the August 11 State Primary. The changes are reflected throughout all information below.  

Options for returning your mail ballot

All voters will receive a postage paid envelope to use to return their mail ballot. As Election Day gets closer, we offer additional options for returning your mail ballot. Return your ballot by mail (or package delivery service)
Use the postage-paid envelope to return your ballot. We recommend mailing your completed ballot back at least 7 days before Election Day to ensure your vote counts.  For the August 11 State Primary, your ballot will count as long as it is postmarked on or before Election Day (August 11) and is received in the mail no later than two days after Election Day (by August 13). This is a change from previous election law requiring mail ballots to be received by Election Day. 

The Trylon Cinema​ is once again showing films. Last weekend we had audiences of up to 10 people (we have set our limit at 20). Remember, at this time masks are required in the Trylon Cinema. That means box office AND auditorium, mouth AND nose. Forget your mask at home? We’ll give you one! https://www.trylon.org/

Holy Trinity is continuing to do food distribution through August on Wednesdays and Fridays. AUGUST 28 is the LAST DAY of distribution.
Information can be found at https://htlcmpls.org
People who collect large donations can find a spreadsheet with needs at:
And a sign-up to volunteer can be found here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0a4da5a829a0f85-holy7

Friday, Aug 28

Musical Mindfulness Onstage at Orchestra Hall: Connection w/ Minnesota Orchestra • Noon
Join us for a noon-hour break of guided meditation and live music that explores the nature of connection with Minnesota Orchestra Associate Concertmaster Felicity James, Assistant Principal Viola Jenni Seo, cellist Minji Choi, and University of Minnesota mindfulness faculty member Mariann Johnson. Sessions take place onstage at Orchestra Hall. No prior experience with mindfulness or special attire is needed. Everyone is welcome to participate!
Learn more about the Center at csh.umn.edu

Matisse’s Green Stripe – online class w/ “Apart.Together.Painting.” • 6pm • ONLINE EVENT
Join us via Zoom to paint “Green Stripe” by Henri Matisse!

No experience necessary!  This painting can be done at any skill level, from simple to detailed, with our easy technique.  This is a perfect way for friends and families to spend time together while socially distancing!
-Please call the studio to register at #612-354-3961.
-Your kit will be prepared for FREE curbside pick-up, delivered for a $5 fee (within a 10 mile radius of the studio) or shipped to you for $10 (more if ordering multiple kits).  
-Your kit includes a pre-traced 12×16 canvas, 3 brushes and a set of 10-12 paints. 
-You will receive an email with the Zoom invite and additional information.
-Class fees are $35 for non-members/$30 for members*
(Email questions to gail@simplyjanestudio.com) *Membership info: https://simplyjanestudio.com/membership/

City of Mpls Trans Equity Listening Session – Black Trans/GNC • noon
We will give an update on the current trans equity work plans at the City of Minneapolis, as well as the current work to develop alternatives to policing, and other work happening outside of the City as well. We want to hear your feedback on the trans equity work and your input on what community safety needs to look like, and brainstorm opportunities to collaborate or support work you’re already doing. We want to create a space that centers your needs, and, if you want, build relationships for future involvement with trans equity work at the City. Baki Baki Baki Porter (they/them) will facilitate the space, and Track Trachtenberg (they/them), Trans Equity Project Coordinator in the Division of Race and Equity, will present on City of Minneapolis updates. The space will be conducted in English; if you need interpretation or have other access needs, please contact track.trachtenberg@minneapolismn.gov or 612-394-0714 (call or text).  

We will be using Microsoft Teams for this listening session. If you’ve never used Teams before, you don’t need to download any software unless you are trying to “pin” a particular speaker or interpreter; you can use it on a browser. If you are “pinning” a speaker, you can download the app for free. Teams Link for the meeting: https://tinyurl.com/BIPOCTGNCListening
If it’s more accessible for you to call in, you can call in here: +1 612-276-6670 Conference ID: 548 667 890# 


Saturday, Aug 29

Midtown Farmers Market Saturday Market @ 8am-1pm, Moon Palace Books
Fresh and local food and goods! Join us from 8am to 1pm for a safe and healthy market, right in your backyard. We are still in our temporary location with the help of our gracious hosts, Moon Palace Books!

Virtual Green Coffee Talk: Composting • noon • ONLINE EVENT
Composting is a good way to greatly reduce your waste (and prevent your trash from smelling), and it doesn’t have to be hard! 
Whether the city where you live provides organics recycling or you’re able to compost in your backyard, come join our conversation to learn about what items can be composted and how composting looks like for you in times of COVID-19. A compost sorting activity will be part of the discussion which will cover items beyond the food scraps, like compostable products.

To join: Click on the link above or here – https://meet.google.com/yyq-eqgk-btw – the day of the event. To call-in by phone dial +1 650-449-9509‬ and enter pin ‪873 466 400‬#.
About Green Coffee Talks: Are you looking to “go green” or grow your green community? Come meet and collaborate with other eco-friendly people…virtually for now! We’ll discuss how to overcome the challenges of staying green and share tips/resources on eco-friendly options! Each meeting has a specific topic to learn about, but the conversations go with the flow. Every once in awhile, we mix in a socially distanced community activity. Green Coffee Talks are held once a month. Post to this event to suggest a topic for upcoming events.

Minneapolis Rock n’ Roll Attack! @ 1pm • ONLINE EVENT
THIS IS A NO-ATTENDANCE Event! *Minneapolis Music “LIVE” Webcast  from on top of our ROOF in Midtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA to celebrate Play Music On the Porch Day, August 29th!, 2020
*All times are Central Daylight time and are subject to change:
Event MC: Ding Ding Variety Show 
1pm: DJ Meow Mix
2pm: RuDe GiRL (Clash Cover band!)
3pm: DJ Tricky Miki
3:30pm: That’s What You Get
4:15pm: DJ Chris P Lambe
5pm: Black Bird Bridge

*WATCH this webcast “live” on the artist’s Facebook pages! https://www.facebook.com/rudegirlmpls/https://www.facebook.com/blackbirdbridgeband/

For reasonable accommodations or alternative formats please contact the Division of Race and Equity at 612-394-0714 (call or text) or e-mail track.trachtenberg@minneapolismn.gov. People who are deaf or hard of hearing can use a relay service to call 311 at 612-673-3000.  TTY users call 612-673-2157 or 612-673-2626. Para asistencia 612-673-2700 – Rau kev pab 612-673-2800 – Hadii aad Caawimaad u baahantahay 612-673-3500.

Sunday, Aug 30

Monday, Aug 31

Break Bread Free Meal w/ Cafe Racer @ 11am
Once a month, we gather together to offer lunch to anyone and everyone. Sharing space and community, through good times and bad, is an important practice that we all benefit from. We at Cafe Racer Kitchen work to create that space for togetherness and caring.
Please join us on the last Monday of the month for free lunch.
Interested in volunteering? Please email caferacermn@gmail.com or send us a message.
Free will donations accepted to help fund future Break Bread meals.

Tuesday, Sep 1

Midtown Farmers Market Saturday Market @ 3pm-7pm, Moon Palace Books
Fresh and local food and goods! Join us from 8am to 1pm for a safe and healthy market, right in your backyard. We are still in our temporary location with the help of our gracious hosts, Moon Palace Books!

Hiawatha Food Distribution – Everyone is welcome! w/ Hiawatha Collegiate High School @ 10am
To help maintain social distancing, please follow these rules during meal distributions:
• Upon arrival, please hold up a piece of paper or your fingers to indicate the number of children in your household.
• Please open your trunk so staff load the food there.
• Please clean out the vehicle trunk prior to arrival so the process runs smoothly.

A Raucous Ramble Around Minnehaha Falls w/ Hennepin History Museum @ 6pm
The lost history of Minnehaha Falls includes dance halls, secret saloons, wild behavior, lawsuits and whiskey.  Join historian Karen Cooper for a 1 mile walk as she tours the places in Minnehaha Park where all this mayhem occurred a hundred years ago. Crooks, landowners, saloon owners, and hoteliers went to the Falls to turn a profit or to raise a little ruckus. The conflict between moral upright society and the dissipated partiers at the Falls is a fascinating and forgotten story.

This small, in-person walking tour is limited to 10 participants, along with two guides and an HHM staff member. Masks are required. We ask that participants maintain 6 feet of social distance between households.

Wednesday, Sep 2

Yoga for Change @ 6pm • ONLINE EVENT
A free donation style yoga class for EVERYONE led by teachers who identify as BIPOC.
ALL PEOPLE are encouraged to practice together. 
*Class is free, and 100% OF DONATIONS (optional) collected in this class will go back into our community!  (Selected charity/non-profits listed below) 
Send donations to: Venmo: @greenwayyoga • (label “BIPOC charity” so that the funds are directed accordingly) OR ONLINE: http://www.greenwayyoga.com/schedule (Under schedule “Yoga Donation”)
This class will be recorded online: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2640248702741047/
Join us on the first Wednesday of each month @ 6pm Online

Imagine a safe place where we can all cultivate our best selves no matter what we look like or identify as. A new style of yoga will be introduced each month, ranging from movement-based Vinyasa to slow meditative Yin classes. All levels welcome and encouraged.
This class will be led by teachers who relate as POC.

Good in the Hood Food Shelf South Minneapolis w/ YMCA Community Sites YMCA Hiawatha @ 5pm
• Monthly Event – Open to the Community
• 1st Wednesday of the Month 5pm-7pm @ Hiawatha YMCA (4100 S 28th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406)
•  Registration Form can be completed prior or when you arrive – Link to the form will be posted closer to the event
• Walk Ups Welcome!
• While Supplies Last!
• Volunteers Needed – Link to be posted 2 weeks prior to the event

Thursday, Sep 3



Neighborhood Safety, Unity, & Resources

Park Board updates on encampments 
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) limits the total number of parks available for temporary encampments and the number of tents per encampment. It has also established a temporary permit that can be issued to an individual or body that agrees to be responsible for the day-to-day oversight of an encampment.
The board’s regulations respond to the growing number of people experiencing homelessness who are living in parks temporarily until dignified alternative spaces can be found. The MPRB is working with state, county and city health and human service agencies to find short, medium and long-term solutions.
For the latest information on encampment locations and Park Board actions, go to minneapolisparks.org/encampments

Learn more about the City’s work with partners responding to the increase in homeless encampments. 

Diverse applicants wanted for Minneapolis boards and commissions
Twenty-four City boards and commissions have openings for appointments this fall. Applications are open now. The positions are open until filled; application review begins Sept. 30 unless marked otherwise. The City seeks applicants with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences representing the demographics of Minneapolis to strengthen the work of the City. Translation and interpreting services are available so all residents can participate.

City boards and commissions have brought forward recommendations that resulted in renter protections, wage protections and a ban on a hazardous chemical in dry cleaning. Board and commission members in the City of Minneapolis help shape key policy decisions, give community-based input into the City’s administration of services and supply valuable insights.

People can apply through the open position pages linked below and stay up to date on vacancies, position descriptions and timelines by visiting minneapolismn.gov/boards/openings. Applications are open now. Learn more about the openingsState executive order suspending evictions extended; rental assistance available through Hennepin County
The governor’s latest extension of the peacetime emergency means that the suspension of evictions and landlord-initiated lease terminations remains in place until Sept. 11.
This suspension will allow households to remain sheltered during the peacetime emergency. The executive order does not relieve a tenant’s obligation to pay rent.

While the eviction moratorium continues, housing providers can evict a tenant when the tenant violates a lease by endangering the safety of others, engaging in certain illegal activities, or significantly damaging property. Evictions can also proceed if the homeowner or their family member needs to move into the premises or if a writ of recovery was issued prior to March 24 at 5 p.m.
Emergency rental assistance
Hennepin County offers emergency rental assistance for residents with low incomes who have been financially harmed by COVID-19. Residents can learn more and apply at www.hennepin.us/rent-help and find more information here: 

Census deadline approaching fast — get counted
Have you completed the census yet? The deadline to get counted in the 2020 census is Sept. 30, and Minneapolis still has several neighborhoods that are severely undercounted. Completing the census will ensure that our communities receive resources for programs and services that we need. Many programs that our communities rely on, including SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP and Head Start are funded through data that is obtained by the census. The 2020 Census is our chance to shape the future of Minneapolis for the next 10 years.

In 2010, the City of Minneapolis had a census response rate of 72.8%.
Census takers have begun following up in Minneapolis with households that haven’t yet completed the 2020 Census. Census staff have been hired locally and are here to help households complete their census forms. The goal of census door knockers is to help get an accurate count. Census staffers can be easily identified by a valid government ID badge that includes their photograph and a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark.

Census field staff follow both CDC and local public health guidelines, are trained in physical distancing protocols and will provide census takers with masks during their visit. Census staff have sworn a lifetime oath of confidentiality. Any information that you provide to them will not be shared with any entity other than the Census Bureau for statistical purposes only and never to identify an individual.
Find more information here on verifying a census taker’s identity, COVID-19 protocols or the strategy to visit households that haven’t responded yetLearn more


COVID-19 Updates & Resources:

COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program opens to help with housing expenses 

Minnesota’s COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program has opened to cover housing expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities or other housing-related costs. This program will help keep folks in their homes and maintain housing stability for eligible renters and homeowners in communities across the state.
People in Minnesota interested in applying for assistance can call the Greater Twin Cities United Way’s 211 Resource Helpline at 651-291-0211, visiting 211unitedway.org or texting “MNRENT” or “MNHOME” to 898-211. The 211 Helpline has dedicated multilingual staff to answer questions about the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

For questions regarding the application process, check the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program frequently asked questions.

City offering additional free COVID-19 testing events 
Minneapolis is offering free COVID-19 testing events Aug. 28 and Sept. 11, 12, 19 and 26. All are welcome.

  • Free COVID-19 testing focused on the north Minneapolis community
    Noon-7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 28
    New Salem Baptist Church, 2507 Bryant Ave. N.
    Tests given to people on foot. Register here.
  • Free COVID-19 testing focused on the north Minneapolis community
    Noon-4 p.m.  Friday, Sept. 11, and Saturday, Sept. 12
    Shiloh Temple, 1201 W. Broadway Ave. N.
    Register onsite.
  • Free COVID-19 testing focused on the East African community
    Noon-5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 19 and Saturday, Sept. 26
    Abubakar As-Sadique Islamic Center, 2824 13th Ave. S.
    Register onsite.

You can expect to get your test results in about two days. The test is free, and you do not need insurance for the test. If you need medical care but don’t have health insurance, the Minnesota Department of Health offers resources to find low-cost health care or health insurance. If you are unable to attend one of these testing events, you can use this directory to find a testing location near you.

Public health information: Slow the spread of COVID-19


Ways to Help

How to donate food & supplies If you’re moved to support your community by donating food, the best way to reach hungry people is through food shelves. And the best way to help food shelves is with monetary donations. The dollars go much further through their own purchases, it prevents food donations from spoiling, and it allows the food shelves to purchase specific items that are needed for the community. Please note that Minneapolis Public Schools is not able to accept food donations or supplies at its food distribution sites or schools at this time. For information on how to support food shelves and meal sites, please visit the Health Department’s food donations page or view the pdf for specific needs shared by food shelves.


Virtual concerts, events, tours, and children’s activities to entertain everyone during social distancing:

Mill City Times Puzzle of the Week – “Rainbow Bridge”

2020 Virtual Monarch Festival
August – September 12

Make Your Own Instruments

Waters to the Sea Scavenger Hunt

Adopt a Drain Interactive

State Fair Hunt

Star Tribune’s Stay at Home State Fair

Minnesota Great River Road Information and Maps
The newest Minnesota Great River Road information pieces are six maps that have been developed for each of the six destination areas of the Great River Road. They feature a map on one side, with travel ideas on the reverse side. To see all six maps and access lots of other information about the Great River Road, visit http://www.mnmississippiriver.com

Minneapolis Bicycling Map
The City of Minneapolis now has a map available online that includes extensive information of interest to bicyclists, e.g., bike route locations, Nice Ride kiosk locations, points of interest and street conditions. There’s one version that you can print out and another that allows you to zoom in and pan around to view the information. Check it out at http://www.minneapolismn.gov/bicycles/maps/pan/index.htm.

Black Entrepreneur State Fair