Introducing our new Board of Directors!

Thank you to all of the engaged residents who attended our Annual General Membership Meeting on October 27. Thanks to everyone who voted. And a huge thanks to all those who ran for seats on our board! We’re grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and participation.

Here are the final results from Longfellow Community Council’s Board of Directors election:

Cooper Representatives (3):

  1. Kath Lenk  
  2. James Gleckner  
  3. Joshua Windham  

Hiawatha Representatives (2):

  1. Deb Reierson 
  2. Michael Berger 

Howe Representatives (3):

  1. Marina Balleria  
  2. Patrick Santelli 
  3. Katie Land  

Longfellow Representative (2):

  1. Marya McIntosh 
  2. Tina Hermsen 

Community Representative (2):

  1. Lisa Boyd  
  2. Bev Conerton