Rebuild Longfellow Existing Conditions Assessment: COMPLETE

Longfellow Community Council (LCC) and partners recent planning efforts provide foundation to rebuilding Lake Street/Minnehaha area

Completed Report here.
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Minneapolis, MN   February 26, 2021 – LCC is pleased to announce the completion of the “Rebuild Longfellow Existing Conditions Assessment”. The document, developed under the auspices of Longfellow Community Council (LCC), is the result of an unprecedented community partnership between LCC, Greater Longfellow community organizations, residents and businesses, and a consortium of planning and design consultants assembled and led by Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc (SEH®). The consultants brought together by SEH – including Biko Associates, Inc., Patrick Connoy and Community Design Group – offered their services to the community on a pro-bono basis with the goal of assisting in planning efforts to rebuild.

The work of the consultants was guided by LCC staff and a Project Steering Committee (PSC) made up of a diverse group of residents, community organizations and business owners. The PSC worked with the consultant team to provide comment on the existing conditions assessment and promote a community survey that was taken by nearly 900 people. We are encouraged by this high level of participation in the community and look forward to building on this enthusiasm with our partners through additional planning efforts. 

The “Rebuild Longfellow Existing Conditions Assessment” (available online here) examines current conditions in support of future planning, design and rebuilding efforts undertaken by others. The conditions assessment was completed for the following:

  • Demographics
  • History and Built Heritage
  • Streetscape, Public and Private Realm
  • Multimodal Transportation and Parking
  • Future Land Use, Built form Guidance and Zoning
  • Market Overview
  • Community Survey

Importantly, the document is meant to be used as a non-proprietary, freely shared platform that will serve as foundational reference to inform planning efforts that are currently ramping up and are being led by allied organizations, including Longfellow Rising, Redesign, Longfellow Business Association, Lake Street Council and others.

LCC extends a heartfelt thank you to SEH and its partners for their excellent work and partnership. We will continue to actively support other ongoing community efforts and engage the Greater Longfellow community to support local small businesses and to create programs, projects and activities that will support the growth, safety and sustainability of our community.

Longfellow Community Council is the citizen participation organization for the Greater Longfellow Neighborhood. If you would like more information about this announcement, please send an email to

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