Community Survey on Policing

Community Survey on Policing: Survey conducted by the Longfellow Community Council 

To all Longfellow residents and business owners:

The Longfellow Community Council conducted an online survey of our community members about their views of policing issues in the city of Minneapolis.  The final report of the results are here.  These results are also being shared with Minneapolis City staff, police and elected officials. The city of Minneapolis also conducted a survey of residents city-wide about policing and community safety; click here for a summary of the results (the City survey is also still open for participation; click here to participate).

Some of the findings of the results of the City survey and LCC survey are similar, but the results are difficult to compare because the survey questions were quite different. The LCC survey questions were multiple choice while the City survey questions were open-ended format (write-in responses). In both surveys, people of color were underrepresented. The LCC plans to conduct future surveys that reach more residents and include other options for completing the survey (such as in-person and written/hard copy options). 

Any comments or feedback, email or phone 612.722.4529

View the final repost via dropbox here.