LCC’s GMM Questions

The following are questions posed by residents at our Annual General Membership Meeting for anyone living in the Cooper, Hiawatha, Howe, and Longfellow neighborhoods. Unanswered questions have been sent to the appropriate people and we are awaiting responses. Thank you to everyone who attended our Best. [Zoom] Meeting. Ever. Zoom recording of meeting can be viewed here.

Elected Officials Q & A
Answered Questions:

  1. How can we pressure the senate leader to actually host the listening sessions on police accountability?
    Zoom Recording starting at 00:09:26
  1. Follow up – Is there a portal where we can follow up on the actions the Senator is asking us to take?
    Zoom Recording starting at 00:13:45
  1. Are the Republican Senators the problem or are their districts so callous that they don’t care about the rest of the State?
    Zoom Recording starting at 00:15:43
  1. Is there any new information on the 3rd precinct and a future location? Will 311 be moving back into the building post-Covid? 
    Zoom Recording starting at 00:33:39
  1. What are both of your opinions on police abolition or defunding in the future in Minneapolis?
    Zoom Recording starting at 00:36:39
  1. What is being thought about if the rent control/stabilization amendment passes? How does this work with the recent changes to encourage the construction of more housing?
    “There are many models we are looking at and almost all of them have exemption and almost always new construction does not get included for a number of years. The Council received a report on that study from CURA on February 23rd during a special study session. You can find the presentation from CURA here: The CURA study found that, while average annual growth in rent is under 3%, somewhere of over 9%, and that for the bottom quartile of renters, rent costs have severely outpaced income and that rent stabilization policies can be effective in preventing large rent increases, and producing lower rents than would exist otherwise. It also outlined many program options for us to consider as we continue our work to craft a rent stabilization policy that will work in Minneapolis, and that it will help those in our community who need help the most.” -Cam Gordon
  1. Thanks! Any update on the empty building owned by a commonly discussed developer that has sat empty since 2014?
    “I have heard nothing about this and I know that Seward Redesign has been trying to contact the owner to explore a purchase”-Cam Gordon
  1. I’m glad to hear that Minnesota did not lose a congressional seat due to the census findings. Do you know what state(s) did lose a congressional seat?

Unanswered Questions: 

  1. Thanks for the information! How do we avoid overburdening the library and other existing businesses with restroom use and monitoring use of the area if it is a “pavilion” design? (Cam)
  1. Are there any updates on the proposed UHaul development on Hiawatha? (Andrew)
  1. Will you pledge to vote against developments that encourage inflating home and rent prices and allow for gentrification? (Cam/Andrew)
  1. I think I read that West River Road was going to be closed again this summer to allow for socially distant walking. Can you give any more info on that?
  1. In the past year, you put forward a change in Hennepin County that removed the requirement for MLIS (MLIS – Masters of Library + Information Sciences) for the Hennepin County Library library director – thankfully we still hired a BIPOC degreed librarian which critically impacts our work in this difficult time. Librarians serving our area were not engaged – how do you plan to engage the stakeholders around issues that shape femme-dominated workforces as opposed to taking direction from typically more conservative leaders in our region. *more conservative white male administrators in our region

Longfellow Community Council & LCC Board of Directors Q & A
Answered Questions: 

  1. Can you speak to how some of the donations that poured in from around the country last year, specifically for Lake Street businesses, are being directed? Or will be directed?
    Zoom Recording starting at 00:53:38 and

“LCC brought in the following:  
GoFundMe: $65,321.  
General Donations including what we raised in February before the unrest:  $37,714. 
MN Association of Realtors: $35,227 
Comcast:  $25,000.  
We have spent $34,000 of the GoFundMe on a donation to DuNord Food Pantry and $12,000 on a resident security lighting project. There is a balance of $31,321 that we will program this year. $1,163 was spent in General Donations to pay for Translation of a community service and Distribution signs for our mask program.  We spent $18,200 from the MN Realtors Association – $3,200to DuNord Food Pantry and $15,000 for Pandemic Relief grants for small businesses.  We spent the full $25,000 of the Comcast funds for BIPOC Businesses who had many needs after the unrest.  I hope that is helpful. The majority of funds raised in the community went to the Lake Street Council, they raised over 10 million.”
-Melanie Majors
Lake Street Council website:

  1. Has the board considered how professionalism and respectfulness clauses are often weaponized against women and POC when they address conflict?
    Zoom Recording starting at 01:19:24
  1. Has Target reached out at all to support Du Nord or any other community efforts? I don’t see them, or any other big box store, as an essential to our community if they’re not there for us when we need them most, especially considering the large amount of funds they have access to?
    Zoom Recording starting at 01:24:22
  1. Longfellow needs more deeply affordable housing for those making at or less than 30% of the area median income. Also supportive housing facilities similar to what Beacon Housing develops would be a great addition to the neighborhood and address the issues of diversity and economic equality.
    Zoom Recording starting at 01:30:54 and

-Cam Gordon

  1. What is the Target parking lot RFP about?
    Zoom Recording starting at 01:03:12 and

“We don’t know much. A family trust owns the lot.  They are requesting proposals from a select group of developers. We don’t know who they are but will share publicly when we are able.” -Melanie Majors

  1. I really hope there is an update to the old Mosaic Cafe outdoor area (i.e. we can use it?) – any update for the restaurant space there?
    Zoom Recording starting at 01:33:51

Link to zoom recording of the meeting: