Development Update and FAQ – U Haul 4225 & 4251 Hiawatha Ave

U Haul has recently submitted a land use application for their proposal to redevelop their site at 4225 & 4251 Hiawatha Ave. The proposal includes the construction of a 5-story mixed use self-storage building with two leasable retail spaces, as well as a separate retail and truck and trailer rental building.

The land use application includes requests for a Conditional Use permit to allow truck and trailer rental on the site and a Site Plan Review.

In response to resident feedback from the April Community meeting regarding the need for increased density, U Haul has modified their plans for the retail and rental building to include a full second story with additional leasable commercial/office space, which can be seen in the updated renderings above.

The FAQ below details some of the questions asked during the April meeting.

If you would like to provide feedback on the project, comments can be sent to:

Hilary Dvorak – Principal City Planner

City of Minneapolis – Community Planning and Economic Development

505 4th Ave S – #320

Minneapolis, MN 55415

Office: 612-673-2639


U-Haul FAQ

Q: Will both existing buildings be demolished?

A: Yes.

Q: How will you dispose of the materials from the old buildings?

A: Both buildings are mostly brick, which will be ground up and reused in the construction of the new buildings. Any metal will be recycled.

Q: Why two buildings instead of one large building?

A: To improve site flow.

Q: How many Parking spaces will the site have total?

A: Around 34 spaces.

Q: How many storage spaces will the building include?

A: 1,000 to 1,200.

Q: How Large are the two leasable retail spaces in the self-storage building?

A: One is 1,305 sq ft and the other is 1,11755 sq ft.

Q: What types of businesses do you envision leasing the retail space?

A: We haven’t reached out to any potential tenants, but they are designed to be tailored to any use.

Q: How many rental trucks will be on site?

A: around 10 to 15 will cycle through on a daily basis, but typically only 33% of those will be on site at one time.

Q: Have you done market research on the need for self-storage in the area?

A: Yes, the matrix shows the area has the lowest access to self-storage in the country.

Q: How does this fit into the City’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Plans?

A: We tried to meet the City’s goals by including retail space to help activate the pedestrian realm, which isn’t something U-Haul would typically do.  

Q: How many people will be employed?

A: 20 to 30 (7 or 8 per shift)

Q: Will the building have 24-hour access to the storage units?

A: Yes, at the discretion of the manager.

Q: How will stormwater runoff be managed on the site?

A: There will be underground stormwater retention underneath grass pavers at the center of the site.