Weekly Roundup: Nov 27-Dec 3

Posted by longfellowcarly on  November 26, 2020
Stay safe and strong, Greater Longfellow. Announcements Bee-ing Thankful – Bees, Next Years Program, and Grand Prize winners:Some things to be thankful for:  the Rusty Patched Bumblebee has been sighted in our neighborhoods, they still exist!  And our neighborhood has hordes of people planting up their yards, and holding back on pesticides/herbicides, in order to welcome and nurture these fuzzy and buzzy friends.PLUS, the LCC still has funding for one more year of the Lawns

Weekly Roundup: November 20-26

Posted by longfellowcarly on  November 19, 2020
Stay safe and strong, Greater Longfellow. Announcements It’s that Give to the MAX time of year! Feeling generous? Consider donating to Longfellow Community Council: https://www.givemn.org/organization/LongfellowThrough our engagement with businesses and residents, we harness the energy, time and resources of volunteers to improve, sustain and grow our community which is the largest neighborhood in the city of Minneapolis.Now more than ever, we need help to make our community whole. We are focused on long-term sustainability through programs and projects