Revised Development Proposal for Former Greg’s Auto Site – 4737 Minnehaha Ave.

Assembly MN LLC has provided the following update regarding changes to the site plans presented during the May 29th community meeting hosted by LCC:

  1. Converting the originally proposed 2 story Townhome style units along Minnehaha into one story flats. The first floor will still have a front entry stoop and nicely landscaped approach from Minnehaha and the massing and rhythm of the building will remain much the same.
  2. Replacing the individual at grade parking garages off of the alley with 2 condos with at grade patios. All parking will now be below grade and there will not be a drive lane along that side of the building.
  3. The building will still have 26 units and 27 underground parking spaces plus a car lift system which provides the ability to have ownerpark a second car over their first car. Assembly anticipates a total of approximately 37 cars in the parking garage using this lift system. 37 parking spaces is the same number shown on the previous set of plans.
  4. The building remains a 4 story building, with the 4th floor set back on Minnehaha as previously shown. General building materials and massing are similar to that shown at the community meeting with modifications as necessary to accommodate the townhomes.
Updated site plans can be found here.
A public hearing date has not been set for this project, however we will provide an update once a date has been confirmed.
Questions or comments regarding this development can be sent to:
Peter Crandall, Senior City Planner

Development Update – Wash Me Car Wash 4159 Hiawatha Ave – Redevelopment

Proposed Development: 

Remove existing self-service car wash structure and construct a new 1-story office/retail continuous structure fronting Hiawatha Avenue and East 42nd Street.  This structure would contain office space and a sit-down restaurant.  Behind this L-shaped structure would be a separate Starbucks coffee shop with a drive-thru pick-up window.  There would be 18 on-site vehicle parking spaces, including 2 electric vehicle charging stations, and racks for 16 bicycles.  The project is specifically architecturally designed – and footings, foundations, columns and beams will be structurally engineered – to support up to 9 additional floors to accommodate the potential for future residential expansion.  The projects seeks no variances or alternative compliances, however a public hearing will be held regarding a site plan review on a TBD date.

For additional information the full notification letter can be found here.

We encourage residents with questions or comments regarding this project to contact Senior City Planner, Lindsey Silas at: