Rick Fuentes River Parkway
Photo by: Rick Fuentes (longfellow365)

Committee Goal/Purpose:

The Environment Committee works to do the following-

  • Encourage a healthy urban ecosystem
  • Promote community solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change in the neighborhood (for example: tree loss, storm water runoff, heat increase, and loss of species)
  • Increase green space
  • Develop balanced solutions for health and wellbeing, including air quality, healthy food access and availability, walkability, bike-ability, etc.

Join Us at an Upcoming Committee Meeting!

The Environment Committee meets monthly; all meetings are open to the public, and residents of Greater Longfellow are invited to participate in voting. For dates, times, and meeting locations, check the LCC Calendar or contact the LCC office at 612-722-4529.

Examples of our Projects & Programs:

2017 Ash Loss Mitigation Project
In an effort to limit the impact of the loss of trees in the neighborhood due to the Emerald Ash Borer epidemic, LCC offered funding assistance to homeowners to treat trees against infection through a small grant program. The 2017 program has closed; to request information on your options as a homeowner, contact our office.

IMG_0784Community Raingarden Program
In 2015, LCC sponsored a community rain garden program to install rain gardens on residential and commercial properties with the help of grant funding from the City of Minneapolis. Rain gardens are shown to decrease surface runoff, lessen pollutant levels in the watershed, and help to recharge underground aquifers. The 2015 program resulted in 30 residential and a handful of commercial rain gardens being constructed across Greater Longfellow with the help of volunteers. Project partners included Metro Blooms, Project for Pride in Living, the Longfellow Business Association, and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

For further information:

Contact LCC’s Program Manager, Ashleigh Walter:
ashleigh@longfellow.org or 612-722-4529 EXT 13