River Gorge



Kevin Venerus Lake Street Bridge
Photo by: Kevin Venerus (Longfellow365)

Committee Goal/Purpose:

The River Gorge Committee is charged with protecting and enhancing one of our neighborhood’s greatest resources—the Mississippi River Gorge. As the primary defining geographical feature of our neighborhood, the river and surrounding parkland are of great importance to our community and our quality of life. It is also a resource of regional, national and international significance – after all, the stretch of the Mississippi between downtown Minneapolis and Fort Snelling is the only true gorge along the river’s entire 2,350-mile length. Millions of people get drinking water from the Mississippi, and thousands of species of birds and other wildlife depend on natural areas along the river for food and shelter. As stewards of this resource, our efforts are a reflection of our community and the value we place on preserving the river for future generations.

Join Us at an Upcoming Committee Meeting!

The River Gorge Committee meets monthly; all meetings are open to the public, and residents of Greater Longfellow are invited to participate in voting. For dates, times, and meeting locations, check the LCC Calendar or contact the LCC office at 612-722-4529.

Examples of our Projects & Programs:

Emily Harrris River Gorge Bird Watching
Photo by: Emily Harrris (Longfellow365)

Spring Birding Hike
This event links residents with local birding experts to look for migrating and returning spring birds along the Mississippi River Gorge. Groups often find over 50 species during the annual spring hike in the Mississippi Flyway where experts have observed more than 170 species. The event is typically hosted in May; stay tuned for details!

State of the River Gorge Talk
LCC co-sponsors this annual event that features a presentation of the State of the River Report by water quality experts from Friends of the Mississippi River. The State of the River Report is a document that is compiled annually by FMR to expose the health of the Mississippi River through 14 key indicators of river quality. To learn more about the report, visit stateoftheriver.com.

Annual Share the Gorge 

Annual Share the Gorge Event
This popular summer gathering invites Longfellow residents to explore the gorge in a fun, family-friendly style. Step off the bank and into a canoe for a short trip on the river, enjoy ice cream, and learn more about the work of LCC’s River Gorge Committee.

For further information:

Contact LCC’s Program Manager, Ashleigh Walter:
ashleigh@longfellow.org or 612-722-4529 EXT 13