Rebuilding Greater Longfellow

Our community is coming together to help businesses clean up and rebuild. We have a long road ahead of us, but if your willing to be a part of building a stronger more just Longfellow, here are some ways to get involved.

Volunteers Needed:

Interested in helping with cleanup and rebuilding efforts in Greater Longfellow? We are in search of volunteers to assist with general clean up and graffiti removal efforts, as well as anyone interested in providing special services such as skilled labor, IT support, legal aid, marketing or anything else they may be helpful to local businesses. Sign up to be added to our volunteer contact list using the link here


Portions of the Great Longfellow community are unrecognizable due to looting and fires in South Minneapolis. We need your help to rebuild. We will rebuild a stronger and more just community. Our initial assessment finds that 31 buildings have been completely destroyed, including 3 major grocery stores, and 2 pharmacies. Beyond that at least 49 other businesses sustained significant damage. Many are locally- and minority-owned. Learn more or donate here

Overview: Rebuild Longfellow is a grassroots effort of Longfellow residents (mostly business professionals) organizing our neighborhood to support our businesses. We’re gathering data from businesses regarding their needs, working to share that data via website, and also coordinating with our block leaders to coordinate this work.

Immediate Focus

  1. Respond to initial data received from businesses (Longfellow Businesses: Let us know your needs to help you in the coming days, weeks, and months. This survey should take 5 minutes of your time to fill out.)
  2. Coordinate with Longfellow block leads on a “adopt-a-business” effort to ensure we’re capturing all current needs
  3. Translate business needs survey into Spanish

Long-term Focus

  1. Ensuring we manage scalable processes for data inputs and how we communicate. 
  2. Flexibility for Rebuild Longfellow to grow into supporting nonprofits, schools, other organizations, and neighbor-to-neighbor support. To start, our focus remains supporting businesses.