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The City of Minneapolis is seeking feedback about its Missing Middle Housing Pilot Program. The program aims to increase the production of three to 20 unit housing developments that are not commonly found within the City. Proposals will be evaluated to ensure they are cost-effective, meet local affordable housing needs, provide equitable work opportunities, and incorporate specific design features. An information and feedback session about the proposed guidelines is scheduled at the time and place
*Updated with link to official public hearing notice and additional info Date: May 7th, 2019 Time: 1:30pm Location: City Hall, Room 317 – 350 South 5th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415 Purpose: To gather public opinion and solicit comments regarding the application from The Blue Door-Longfellow to expand its licensed premises to include a Sidewalk Café, with seating for 15. There will be no speakers, music or entertainment outside on the sidewalk café. Additional information regarding this