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Check out this week’s upcoming events in Greater Longfellow and Minneapolis and these spooky flamingos!  UPCOMING EVENTS DEADLINE is OCTOBER 21! Resource Fair Registration for Local Businesses and Organizations • Participation Fees: $15 nonprofits | $20 for-profits To register visit: www.longfellow.org/2018/09/11/resource-fair-registration-bme-2018/Follow the instruction to pay via Square (or mail in a check) to complete your registration. The number of participating organizations is limited, tables & chairs provided. Google form here: https://goo.gl/forms/MJYhKSAOg1cj2uOt1 Best. Meeting. Ever. General Membership Meeting & Resource Fair @
Landform is submitting applications to the City of Minneapolis for a conditional use permit and a variance to allow a dynamic sign. The property seeking approvals is located at 4121 Hiawatha Avenue. The property is currently a McDonald’s restaurant that is being proposed for improvements including: replacing the building exterior to create an attractive and inviting storefront, ADA alterations to the sidewalk and handicap parking spaces, replacing the existing drive-through order canopies and signage, adding