Volunteer Shoveling Network

Do you or someone you know need help shoveling this winter? We might be able to help!

LCC has volunteers interested in helping seniors and neighbors with disabilities in the Greater Longfellow area, who are unable to keep up with snow removal on their own.

LCC will work to connect volunteers with neighbors that request assistance based on proximity, who will then work out an informal arrangement between themselves. The number of available volunteers is limited.

Interested in participating as a volunteer? Sign up HERE!

*Please note that this is an informal volunteer network and LCC takes no responsibility or liability for any accidents, injuries or property damage volunteers or homeowners/renters may experience.  LCC is not responsible or liable for volunteers or homeowners/renters who voluntarily and knowingly subject themselves to certain risks while performing or receiving volunteer services. LCC’s role in this process is solely to facilitate the initial connection.

Examples of our Projects & Programs

Annual Share the Gorge Event


This popular summer gathering invites Longfellow residents to explore the gorge in a fun, family-friendly style. Step off the bank and into a canoe for a short trip on the river, enjoy ice cream, and learn more about the work of LCC’s River Gorge Committee. 

Spring Birding Hike


This event links residents with local birding experts to look for migrating and returning spring birds along the Mississippi River Gorge. Groups often find over 50 species during the annual spring hike in the Mississippi Flyway where experts have observed more than 170 species. The event is typically hosted in May; stay tuned for details!

Bald Eagle

Community Raingarden Program

In 2015, LCC sponsored a community rain garden program to install rain gardens on residential and commercial properties with the help of grant funding from the City of Minneapolis. Rain gardens are shown to decrease surface runoff, lessen pollutant levels in the watershed, and help to recharge underground aquifers. The 2015 program resulted in 30 residential and a handful of commercial rain gardens being constructed across Greater Longfellow with the help of volunteers. Project partners included Metro Blooms, Project for Pride in Living, the Longfellow Business Association, and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

2017 Ash Loss Mitigation Project


In an effort to limit the impact of the loss of trees in the neighborhood due to the Emerald Ash Borer epidemic, LCC offered funding assistance to homeowners to treat trees against infection through a small grant program. The 2017 program has closed; to request information on your options as a homeowner, contact our office.

For more information or questions call us at 612-722-4529.