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It’s Board Elections! Vote for LCC’s Incoming Board Members and vote to allocate  funding for our Home Improvement Rebate Program now until April 17th. 

2024 voter Guide

All residents and property owners in the Greater Longfellow Neighborhood are eligible to vote. Use the voter guide to learn more about our candidates.  Vote for incoming board members based on the neighborhood you live, work or own a property or business in:


Within each ballot, you’ll also be able to vote for a funding allocation to continue the Home Improvement Rebate Program. In September 2023, LCC launched a Home Improvement Rebate Program to help residents with the cost of needed home repairs. For the first six months of the program it was open to residents at 50% AMI (Area Median Income). It opened to residents at 80% AMI on March 1, 2024. The program was depleted of funds by 7:00am on March 1st. The LCC Board of Directors is now asking community for approval of moving $76,500 from an expired fund into an active fund so we can reopen our Home Improvement Rebate Program.

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Community members meet regularly through LCC committees. Whether you are interested in safety, housing, development, the environment, schools, commercial revitalization or other issues. Our committees are great forums to bring attention to topics that are important to you and work with others on planning efforts and activities.

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Longfellow Events

The fun is all around! Celebrate the Mississippi River Gorge with a family-friendly event of canoe rides, ice cream, and nature hikes. Learn new fiber art skills and spend time with other creative community members at Mittenfest. Participate in our annual Community Garage Sale. Learn more about all those events and more!

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Contact us to learn more about our mission, work, or to become involved via email or call us at  612-722-4529.

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