Longfellow Committees

Do you have a community concern, idea for a new project or just want to hang out with neighbors and work to improve Greater Longfellow? Join one of LCC’s volunteer committees and help lead LCC’s work! Membership is informal, so you can attend meetings every month, or just the ones you’re interested in.

Three Great Ways To Get Involved

Equitable Housing & Development Committee

Identify and eliminate barriers to living in Greater Longfellow, review new developments and meet with transportation planners with a focus on making the community equitable.

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Environment & River Gorge Committee

Work to create environmentally focused programs, projects and events that help advance the greening of Greater Longfellow. By promoting and protecting the Mississippi River Gorge, we ensure its longevity.

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Events & Engagement Committee

Engage with the community with meaning and purpose through events and programming. Assist with outreach efforts to ensure all neighbors feel welcome and supported through a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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For more information or questions call us at 612-722-4529.

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