Health Resources

Health and healthcare resources including resources for seniors and veterans and mental health care. COVID resources and information. 

  • Guide to Health Care Resources – This guide lists various programs or agencies that provide health care services or information about services or insurance in specific situations.
  • Children’s Defense Fund -MN Directory  – Helps uninsured or poorly insured families with children understand some of their health care options. Clinics are listed by county. Many of the listed clinics provide service to adults as well.
  • Minnesota Department of Health  – Find information on facilities, insurance, and health resources statewide. 
  • Portico HealthNet – Refers callers to community clinics that were formerly part of the Neighborhood Health Care Network (NHCN) in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. The clinics provide a wide range of services including primary/preventive services, prenatal care, reproductive services, and dental care. 
  • Minnesota Dental Association  – Contact by website or phone, (612) 767-8400, for details about low-cost services including participating dental clinics.
  • University of Minnesota Dental Clinic– Supervised dental work at the University of Minnesota Dental Clinic is done by students in their last two years of dental school. For orthodontic work call (612) 625-6444. 
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services – Their fact sheet “Hearing Aid Financial Resources” lists organizations to contact for lower cost or free hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices. There are eligibility requirements
  • Disability Hub MN – Free statewide resource network that helps solve problems, navigate the system and plan for the future. You’ll discover options and tools for managing health, benefits, work, housing and more. Call the Disability Linkage Line at (866) 333-2466
  • TEFRA – Helps families cover health care costs for their severely disabled children who would otherwise require institutional-level care. A component of Minnesota Medical Assistance. 
  • Vision Loss Resources – State Services for the Blind serves the state of Minnesota. Call at (651) 539-2300.
  • DeafBlind Resources of Minnesota – Statewide resources for those that are deaf, blind or hard of hearing/ vision impaired. Call for more information (612) 362-8454
  • Medicare for Veterans  –  The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs recommends veterans enroll in Medicare when they turn 65, even if they have VA benefits. This comprehensive guide that coverage, eligibility, and more.
  • Tricare for Life  –  Information on what Tricare is, eligibility details, and how it works alongside Medicare.
COVID Resources
  • City of Minneapolis COVID Information  – We share COVID-19 resources, updates and other information for residents and businesses including available treatments, vaccination sites, and more. 
  • COVID-19 Data – Daily reported data about COVID-19 cases in Minneapolis. 
  • Free Home COVID Tests – Order free at-home COVID rapid tests online and have them delivered to you. 
  • COVID Aware – An informal group of Twin Cities folks organizing resources, political education, and solidarity around the ongoing pandemic.