Solace at the Palace

A day of community resilience and recovery through art on June 11th from 12 to 6pm. Longfellow Community Council is organizing an interactive art experience in the heart of downtown Longfellow. There will be 20 vendors, art workshops open to all (registration below), musical performances, food trucks, and kids art activities. 


Local makers, creatives, artists, and more will be at Moon Palace Books throughout Solace at the Palace offering services, selling wares and showcasing their art. 

Ricardo Perez

Prints and originals of digital and mixed media art pieces and stickers. Community murals for display. @ricardo.ricardo.perez 

kelly hutchinson/ cheeriup

Large woven cocoon/womb/nest-like spaces made out of wild-harvested willow. See some some of the work on Kelly’s website or Instagram: @cheeriup

Patricia Olga Peuschold

Vintage & antique amulets, medallions, charms, & momentos on Rosary Chain of Gemstones, wood, metal, or horn.

Mary Jo Howell

Incense blending bar and custom botanical perfumes

casper warren

A mixed media illustrator and writer. Prints of original art, as well as homemade buttons, cards, and patches. Occasionally, there are handmade zines featuring Casper’s art, writing, and poetry, which features themes of nature and LGBTQ pride.

tara fahey

Silk screen patches, hand dyed and printed t-shirts, tea towels and hand crafted hot pads, knit/crochet hats, bookmarks. Local Nature themes – Milkweed/Monarch, Luna moth, turtle, mudpuppy. 

irenio dos santos / brazil arts twin cities 

T-shirts, paintings, handmade jewelry and accessories. 

Jackelyn Doyle-Eustice

Vegan baker with gluten-free options and an aim to be as allergen friendly as possible. 

bibi & mija

Fiber arts and Prints. Their work centers on queerness, their identities as Native/Latinx and Arab artists, and anything that fascinates them at any given time— often things that are a little weird or uncanny. Needle felt, embroider, hand sew, and paint. 

Renée Boynton

Charcoal, chalk, pastels, and/or graphite prints, framed prints, originals, and fun stickers of original artwork. Abstract stained glass designs in the form of plant stakes (I’ve dubbed them “Art For Your Plants”), ornaments, light lovers, mobiles, etc, using  98% recycled or donated glass, and no two designs are the same. 

sheena vang

Cute, bubbly, and whimsical handcrafted items (i.e. journals, art crafting, traditional illustrations, stickers, etc.) to bring a tint of happiness. 

the Blue Topaz

Queer/womyn owned and run new start up— selling mystic gems, crystals and jewelry + homemade organic bodycare products w essential oils and gem elixirs

Marcy Hokenson

Tie dye; prints and greeting cards of marker art, alcohol ink, and acrylic paintings; woven wall hangings. 


Paintings such as traditional and modern art, abstract, and animal figures on canvas.

Queerhaven Art Collective

Dynamic and colorful mixed media artworks by Andrea (they/them) of Andrea Alice, Artist, and Raven (they/them) of Whirlywind Artworks. In addition to original art and jewelry, we offer prints, cards, stickers, and apparel.

Ricardo Levins Morales/ RLM Art Studio

Posters, notecards and other items with hopeful/social justice themes

atelier mamako 

Joyful fabric patchwork pieces in various sizes. Handmade journals. t-shirts. 

Tanya Gravening

Wave Interference patterns and See Life stickers, t-shirts and books.

Peter Giebink

Photography-based work from this Longfellow resident— both wall art in various forms + t-shirts + stickers + etc.! 

Geordin Crist

Abstract art fueled by the artist’s mental health journey.

weaving water: free community weaving & indigo
Weave on a SAORI loom, spin wool into yarn, and dip dye cloth in an organic indigo vat. Become part of Weaving Water, a tactile public art project  that connects us to the Mississippi River by MWMO (Mississippi Watershed Management Organization) Artist in Residence Sarah Nassif. 

All ages and abilities welcome! No experience needed. Find more information on the MWMO website. 



Local artists will be hosting workshops throughout the day during Solace at the Palace. Find a workshop that interests you and sign up. Pre-registration is required. If you have any questions about accessibility, contact

Hand Carving Blocks and Printmaking

Printmaking with Curiosity Studio

This workshop runs from 12 – 2pm in Tent A. Up to 30 people can register for this workshop. 

Sign up

With the goal of fostering community connection, participants will hand-carve relief blocks and hand-print multiple impressions of their piece to share with others. During this workshop, we will consider two facets of printmaking and how they connect to community action.

First, this practice will ask the maker to reflect on the process of what we remove (carving the block) in order to make an image. Just like trimming a tree, it’s important to consider the parts that aren’t serving new growth. What we remove is just as important as what we add.

Second, we will print the same image to distribute to others. The advantage of printmaking is rooted in its history; having a role in various movements because of its ability to quickly repeat and distribute a message over and over again.

The maker would consider the audience they intend to share their print with: How can we inspire change? What does my community needs? How can I spread joy? Our hope is to create a connection between the printmaking process and the human practice of being in and building community.

Curiosity Studios is a creative learning studio. Learn more about them on their website or on Instagram.

Needle Felting

mushroom needle felt art

This workshop runs from 12 – 2pm in Tent B. Up to 30 people can register for this workshop.

Sign up

Get in on the popular movement of needle felting and create something beautiful to take home with you!

Instructors: Bibi and Mija

You can learn more about them on Instagram @BibiandMija or on their website

Clay Neighborhood

Clay Neighborhood

This workshop runs from 2- 4pm in Tent A. Up to 30 people can register for this workshop.

Sign up

CLAY CITY is an intergenerational collective event where participants come together to make a city out of clay. At Solace, it will be reimagined as CLAY NEIGHBORHOOD with a specific focus on envisioning the future of the Greater Longfellow and surrounding communities.

CLAY NEIGHBORHOOD is an opportunity for the community to ask the question- if you could build the neighborhood of your dreams, what would it look like? Participants get to work with their hands while imagining together as a community.

The workshop will be lead by one of the Now Make Art team, along with a teen intern from St Paul’s Right Track program. Learn more about them on their website or their Instagram page.

This workshop is meant to be a drop-in opportunity so you can stop in anytime between 2:00 – 4:00pm or stay the whole time and clay to your heart’s content.


Collage + Poetry

jgo collage

This workshop runs from 2- 4pm in Tent B. Up to 30 people can register for this workshop.

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Engage the community and personal building power of art! In this workshop you will get to craft a collage in a communal space. Next you will partner up to observe a collage (really take in the feelings it brings) and write a response to it, as short or long as you’d like. This response can be emotions felt, things you are reminded of, or even just noting visuals that stick out to you. Response partners can share collages and responses with the group if desired, or you can keep it one on one if that’s more comfortable. 
These responses are a form of poetry, though we may not always think of them as such. Most art (including collage and poetry) is simply intentional observation, and hopefully this workshop will help participants see how we can incorporate art into our lives and those of others by applying creative meaning to our actions.

Jgo is a Latino visual artist, poet, and community organizer based in the Twin Cities. They focus on studying and portraying the criminalization and societal institutionalization of marginalized peoples, specifically impoverished and BIPOC communities, with the goal of emphasizing unity in positivity to empower these communities through art. Their current creative priorities are collage, performing spoken word, and publishing their poetry manuscript “Latchkey Loverboy”. Outside of creative pursuits they help with community events and organizing.

Learn more about them on their Instagram account.

Leather for Everyone

Leather Collars

This workshop runs from 4- 6pm in Tent A. Up to 30 people can register for this workshop.

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Leather for Everyone: an introduction to leather working techniques using upcycled leather pieces and found hardware.

I will instruct attendees on design conception and making a template, cutting pieces, and assembling with the use of a leather punch, rivet press, and metal hardware. Attendees can opt to make a keychain, bracelet, dog collar, or earrings.

The workshop will be led by Anna Brauch. Learn more about her on her Instagram page or her Leather Goddess Instagram page.

fabric journal

This workshop runs from 4- 6pm in Tent B. Up to 30 people can register for this workshop.

Sign up

Create fabric collage journals and handmade patches with artists atelier mamako.

atelier mamako is a conversation between people, places, and patterns on fabric. We create colorful patchworks with tissus pagnes, bazins, and upcycled fabric. We design journals, kondélé, and t-shirts. 

Learn more on their website  or their Instagram page.

Musical Performers

Local musicians with sounds and music across genres will be performing throughout the day. Emcee Biig Miic will be playing beats between sets. 

Juliet & the Montagues

Juliet & the Montagues 

Juliet & the Montagues is Twin Cities based jazz band with a funky, mellow, and smooth sound. The band is comprised of Juliet Catherine on vocals, Charlie Milkey on bass, Daniel Defoe on lead guitar, and Beth Varela on drums. Learn more about the band. 


Juliet & the Montagues are performing at 12pm at Solace at the Palace. 

Wynn Rivers

Wynn Rivers is a Twin Cities-based singer & songwriter, with a sound described as “exploratory Americana”–pulling in elements of psych pop/rock, folk, and country. His 2nd full-length LP, “Desert Rose Convoy,” is out now. 

Learn more about Wynn Rivers. 


Wynn Rivers is performing at 2pm at Solace at the Palace. 

Carolyne Naomi with RION

Nigerian born singer, songwriter and guitarist, based in Minneapolis brings you into her world of Afropop and RnB. Her debut EP “Miss Naomi” was released in 2022. Learn more about Carolyne Naomi. 

RION is a Reggae artist who blends his music with elements of Soul/R&B, Roots Reggae, Dance/Electronic, & Dancehall. Learn more about Rion


Carolyne Naomi is performing at 4pm at Solace at the Palace. 

Food Trucks

We’ll have several local food trucks and food options at Solace at the Palace.

tacos from habaneros tacos

Habaneros Tacos 

Habaneros Tacos have proudly served authentic Mexican cuisine to the Longfellow, East Lake, and Powderhorn neighborhoods of Minneapolis since 2015.
They prepare, cook, and serve all of their ancestral food by hand in the restaurant, from scratch. Learn more about Habaneros Tacos or check out their menu.  

shaved ice from icy icy baby

Icy Icy Baby Shaved Ice

A Shaved Ice mobile food bus serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area. All products are vegan and gluten free and use  all natural housemade syrups. Learn more about Icy Icy Baby on their Instagram. 

dumplings from amazing momo

Amazing Momo

Homemade Tibetan Dumpling stand serving up several kinds of dumplings including chicken, beef, and veggie momos with a variety of sauces. Find more information and find the menu on their website. 

Volunteer at Solace at the Palace

We need your help to ensure this interactive art experience is fun and engaging for everyone! There are a lot of roles and shifts to choose from, take your pick! All volunteers will get a $15 food voucher for the food trucks at the event.

About the Solace at the Palace Poster Artist

pablo kalata

Pablo Kalata is a Latin American muralist, painter and illustrator based in the Twin Cities. His murals can be found in cities throughout the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, France, Spain and Germany. He has several murals in Minneapolis and St. Paul. You can find more of his work on his Instragram @pablokalata or you can check out his mural at Mercado Central on Lake Street. 

You’ll find Pablo’s posters for Solace at the Palace throughout the city and we will have several prints of the posters available for Solace at the Palace attendees and guests, as well as some select merchandise. 

solace at the palace