Technical Assistance for Community Initiatives

Longfellow Community Council provides technical assistance to community members, which includes funding and communications support,  or connection to community partners and government agencies. 

LCC provides various forms of technical assistance to community-lead initiatives that can include:

  • Consulting on project initiation and on-going project management.
  • Communications support, including promotion through LCC’s communications channels.
  • Assistance with identifying resources including funding sources and potential project partners.
  • Connections to government agencies, if needed. 
  • Funding support through our Grant Application Process or request LCC to be a financial sponsor

Several community-lead initiatives supported by LCC…

Rowing at River Gorge

Longfellow River Gorget Festival

The annual fall festival celebrating the beauty of the river gorge with free canoeing, rowing and ice cream.

Aaron Burden photo of a bumble bee

Lawns and Legumes

This project increased pollinator habitats and installed gardens focused on creating food sources and habitat for the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee.


Minnehaha Mosaics

A community art project between residents and mosaic artists to decorate 13 trash cans along Minnehaha Ave.