3rd Precinct Follow up from the City Coordinator’s Office

picture of the burned 3rd Precinct with Community Conversations

Earlier this year we held a series of community conversations around the future of the 3rd Precinct site at Minnehaha and Lake. We heard from over 180 residents about their visions and desires for the currently abandoned site. One of our goals for these engagement sessions was to begin a conversation that we hope leads to action and engagement by the City of Minneapolis and to begin a community-led process toward rehabilitation.  See the PDF report on these conversations we sent to City officials.  

City staff and Council Members were available to answer questions during theses community conversations, but there was an overwhelming amount of questions, leaving many unanswered. We collected all of the remaining questions and sent them to City staff immediately after the May sessions. We have just received the answers to your 40+ questions from the City Coordinators Office. While the City did address several issues and questions, much remains unanswered. The community questions were sent with our PDF recap (linked above).

Since our conversations, our Ward 2 Council Member, Robin Wonsley, has secured $100,000 to contract an external community engagement process for the future of the 3rd Precinct Building, which will reach many of the most impacted neighbors who are often least included in discussions about city infrastructure. The City is also working to engage residents on the new police contract and is hosting several listening sessions in August.