Arts Spotlight: Squirrel Haus Arts, Performance and Visual Arts Exhibition

Longfellow is a deeply creative community. There are so many artists, galleries, and workshops that are foundational to our neighborhood’s creative climate. “Squirrel Haus Arts” is  Longfellow’s very own performance and visual arts exhibition co-owned by husband and wife partners Michael and Donna Meyer.

“My background was a 43-year career in the music industry with a focus on marketing, distribution, and consulting national and international recording artists. My wife and partner, Donna (“Spidie”), has vast experience as an artist in many different mediums. She also trained as a Flamenco dancer for 23 years. Her formal career was as a Graphic Artist Manager. Many of the skills we obtained in our respective careers transferred over to what we do at SHA. Organization, communication, planning, passion and patience,” Michael said.

Michael and his wife Donna

Through their artistic initiatives and way of operation, they aim to support non-profit and community groups for Longfellow, having a rooster of 36 non-profit and community groups they have supported since they opened in 2016. They host a variety of artists, curators, and more- all while staying local to Longfellow. They’ve been a generous host to several Longfellow Community Council events over the years.

When being asked about the background and clients of Squirrel Haus Arts, and why they wanted a permanent spot in Longfellow, Michael replied “First and foremost we wanted to buy a building as opposed to renting. After a year-long search, we found a building in the Greater Longfellow and purchased it.”

Squirrel Haus Arts “Provides a safe and community-focused location in support of performance and visual arts. We also donate our space as much as possible to non-profit and community groups. We love being part of the Greater Longfellow neighborhood and feel a responsibility to contribute. We are proud of the fact we have been adopted by the LGBTQIA2+, Latinx, and B.I.P.O.C community as a safe location with no restrictions for artists and performers to express themselves. This participation via art and community service helps bridge a gap for us all to be one in community.”

Having a space for artists to actualize their vision is paramount to facilitating that bridge the local arts world and community. Squirrel Haus Arts doesn’t want cost to be a barrier –  they have affordable rates while taking zero commission from client sales or their box office. They also offer an 8,000 square foot gallery and “flex space” (ambiguous usage), where they do gallery shows, spoken word, film festivals, book releases, ceramics, flamenco, theatrical rehearsal, etc. They also boast numerous galleries and supplies such as PA, tables, chairs, stage risers, etc, which is great when you are hosting an event or show. Not having to worry about bringing all the materials you need or having to purchase them is really helpful.

“We want artists and performers to push their boundaries, we are here to help clients with coaching as requested, and we are “turn-key” in the sense we have projection,” Michael said.

With a full schedule of art exhibitions for the community to enjoy and partake in, it’s no surprise that the community discusses their works. Mr. Meyer said, “We do not market our space. Word of mouth is what keeps our calendar full,” and with a funny quip, added, “The 14’ image of a squirrel on the rear of our building also helps.”

Squirrel Haus Arts has several upcoming events and art shows. “We just completed a two-week run which reintroduced the League of Longfellow Artists ‘Fine Arts Show’. April brings a fabric arts show by ‘The Snips,’ a feminist fiber arts collective of makers cultivating their experiences at the intersection of femininity, handicrafts, and pop culture.”

In May, artist Lisa Anderson’s art show will fill both of the SHA galleries. “September, as we have done from day one, we donate our building and host the League of Longfellow Artists (LoLa) “Art Crawl”. There are also several one or two-day events. Check out the SHA calendar at (or on their Facebook), which lists their bookings with new additions added weekly. There are no shortage of talented artists in our community and Michael loves that SHA gets to work with such a wide variety of artists and organizations. “Artists or performers who have the courage to put their talent on display are amazing. The wide variety of artists, and makers. nonprofits who have benefited from our existence still excite us. New adventures every day.”

With so much to offer the community, there’s bound to be something that appeals to many members of our greater Longfellow area, this includes the idea of potentially hosting an art showcase of your very own.  Squirrel Haus Arts is a community gem, driven to provide a safe space for artists and groups of the community. They are just one of the reasons to love Longfellow’s art scene.

Address: 3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Contact Information: (612) 669-8712