Election Results!

congratulations to our newly-elected board members
Thank you to everyone who came to our General Membership Meeting and voted in our election, both in-person and online!

The results are in! We’re so excited to see so many new board members and happy to have many board members returning. Congratulations to our newly-elected LCC Board Members:

Ken Koense
Christine Marlo-Triemstra (new board member)

Mike Berger
Ian Young
Joel Albers (new board member)
Mitchell Sullivan (new board member)
Margaret Turvey (new board member)
Annie Wang (new board member)
Community Seat:
Lisa Boyd
Beverly Conerton
Business Seat:
Angelica Evens (new board member)
Join us at our next board meeting on June 21st to meet our new and returning board members, ask questions and share your visions for the community.