Longfellow Community Council partners with the PPNA Renter Support Fund

renter support fund

The Longfellow Community Council joins forces with Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association to offer direct rental assistance to 32 Longfellow renters this fall. 

Applications open on the first Monday of the month from September to November. While all residents of Minneapolis are encouraged to apply to the Renter Support Fund, residents of the Greater Longfellow Area (Hiawatha, Cooper, Howe, and Longfellow) are especially encouraged to apply during this time as LCC will be supporting 9 to 12 renters a month with rental assistance through December.

Resources are scarce

In September, PPNA received the highest number of applications ever for the Renter Support Fund. 401 cost-burdened renters from across Minneapolis applied to receive $900 in rental assistance through the program. 25 of the applications were from renters who live in the Greater Longfellow area. We were able to fund 12 Longfellow renters with $900 to help with October rent. 

Renters across Minnesota are struggling to pay back $144 million in rent debt. Each month, the number of eviction filings continues to rise, especially after the remaining protections of our state’s eviction moratorium ended in June 2022. The HOME Line tenant hotline reports record-breaking numbers of calls from tenants about eviction and displacement. And without any funding at the state level, resources for renters are difficult to find. 

If we had any doubt that the housing crisis was in full swing, here’s the proof. 

housing graph

Creative solutions and partnerships

PPNA has partnered with other neighborhood organizations in the past. Last year, the Lyndale Neighborhood contributed funding to support 12 renters in the Lyndale Neighborhood. The Phillips West Neighborhood Association also funded 20 renters towards the end of the year. 

This year, LCC is contributing over $28,000 to support 32 cost-burdened renters living in the Greater Longfellow Community – it’s PPNAs biggest partnership yet! For the remainder of the year, PPNA will administer the Longfellow funds through the Renter Support Fund. PPNA has the existing program infrastructure and staff capacity, and Longfellow Community Council has funds in-hand that they want to give to renters in our community. It’s a great combination!

Seeking additional funding partners

We are excited to be partnering with the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association. PPNA is also looking for future collaborations as a way to sustain the Renter Support Fund — and cost-burdened renters in Minneapolis — while working to identify a more permanent funding source.

Do you know of or work for an organization that wants to support renters in the community? Consider a partnership with the Renter Support Fund! Contact Julia at or 612-446-4661 to learn more.