Focus on Local Business:

Are you the owner or manager of a business in the Cooper, Hiawatha, Howe, or Longfellow neighborhoods? If so, you’re invited to take a moment to fill out this form. Longfellow Community Council is starting an on-going project to help draw focus to local businesses by spotlighting how unique and wonderful they are!

Longfellow Community Council values the importance of residents and local businesses. This connection continues to develop the strong sense of community we value here in Greater Longfellow.

Again, the form is here.  Thanks for your participation!

Greater Longfellow Town Hall: Minneapolis 2040 Comp Plan

Greater Longfellow Town Hall: Minneapolis 2040 Draft Comprehensive Plan

Minneapolis 2040 is a draft Comprehensive Plan that shapes how the city will grow and change. The draft covers topics such as housing, job access, the design of new buildings, and how we use our streets. Please join Longfellow Community Council (LCC), City staff, Ward 2 Council Member Cam Gordon and Ward 12 Council Member Andrew Johnson to provide input and hear about proposed additions and changes to the comprehensive plan.

Tuesday, May 22nd

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Bartsch Room
2730 E. 31st Street
Minneapolis MN 55406


For information on the plan you can find the non-digital document here:…/PDF%202040%20COMP%20%20PLAN%20REV…

City of Minneapolis website for the 2040 plan:

To find details on the civic engagement process:

The Bartsch Room, is just inside the East side cul-de-sac entrance on the right as you enter the building. It’s easy to find but we’ll sign-post it well, too.